Slackers in the midst – go away!

A lot of my you who read my blog loyally may have a lot of opinions about me. But let me share with you what others think of me. And all I can say is that I’m not really sure whether I should cheer or weep on what people are talking about me. These words are:







After 6 months in the full-time MBA program, everyone already has a pretty good idea on each other’s competencies, personalities, traits and habits. The above is mine.

And whereas in the United States, the above may actually be good things to be associated with, in my program, it puts me at the very end of the curve. During voluntary group formations, it does actually put me as an disadvantage. Some people don’t want to be grouped with me and of course, the knowledge of this hurts me.

Here’s one example on how bad I can be and why people avoid me for group formations.

This week, our group met for the very first time last Monday. The group was made voluntarily of six people all of whom have very weak knowledge of the subject at hand (of course, otherwise, we wouldn’t take the class, right?).

At the meeting, everyone was tasked of picking five stocks out of the 30 listed in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. These consist of some of the more boring, stable companies in the United States inclusive of P&G, McDonalds, Chevron, Exxon Mobile and the likes.

One groupmate who arrived late because he had class had this stock to suggest: “Google,” he said.

The rest of the team laughed nervously. “Ummm… that’s actually part of the NASDAQ.”

“Oh really?” he said surprised, oblivious to the fact that he was just saying goobly-dook and never even checked on what the assignment is all about. “Then let’s pick Apple.”

Ummm… Apple is ALSO part of the NASDAQ,” one groupmate answered.

The man didn’t even read the homework much less did work on it. Unfortunately, given this is a voluntary group, I had a talk with him on this. “Look, you have to be prepared before going to these meetings,” was my message.

His excuse: “But the others aren’t prepared. When I went to my Strategic Management meeting, none of us read our case even.”

His complaint: “Why are you picking on me?”

What. the. hell.

Dude, the man didn’t even do his homework, came prepared and just said something totally random that’s not even part of the homework. And we’re to be pleased?

Am sorry but the days of just latching on to a group’s effort is over. There are no free riders in the house.

Hence, my reputation about me being un-chill spread today.

What. the. hell.

Seriously people, I don’t really care if you don’t know the answer so long as you admit it. There’s no shame in saying that you were too busy so was unable to keep up with the schoolwork but will do better next time. But seriously, if the assignment is about picking a fast food company, you don’t turnaround and suggest companies like Amazon or Netflix.

That just means that you’re lazy, didn’t even bother to find out what’s been asked, or just a slacker.

Some people have told me that I should count my lucky stars that he’s even in the meeting. Trader mentions that it’s in inefficiencies that people profit and there are no downsides in telling people what they should and should not do.

We’re all adults here,” he advised. “Let him do whatever he wants.”

Sigh, on hindsight, my smart boyfriend is right. But it’s part of my nature to see such idiocyncracies continue within the group. It’s unproductive, wrong and unfair for us to waste our time from someone who’s completely clueless in what’s going on.

People who are concerned had asked me about this rumor. Of course, they have worked with me previously and want to get news from the source. Ironically, those who have worked with me before have many good things to say about me such as:



Good output.



And was wondering why the hell people were starting to talk again.

Unfortunately, I’d have to tell the story all over again, which doesn’t hurt me but hurts the receiver more because it highlights his unpreparedness for the meeting.

I wish people would just shut up about it. I don’t think it’s really a rampant rumor but hopefully, if people have heard something, they can come straight to me direct.

MBAs are truly overrated.

I have met a lot of very very good people in my program, but have also met people that make you scratch your head with wonder and say, “How the hell did they even survive in their jobs without getting fired?”

Though there are tons of people I would hire from our program, there are also a lot of people I wouldn’t hire. Which is a bit of a pity because they’re really good in bullshitting but that’s it. Everything else is just shit.

Sorry, am upset as you may know. But what are you going to do if you were me?

I’d be fine after a good night’s sleep.



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8 thoughts on “Slackers in the midst – go away!

  1. Hi Bonita
    You have all the right traits to be successful in life and you will probably see many of your own kind in US schools. Think about this differently, perhaps this is a chance to learn how to work in the imperfect world, there will always be slackers around, how can you manage to work with them?

    I enjoyed reading your blog for the past couple months, and I found this blog through search on HKUST MBA. Your blog did motivate me apply to HKUST. However, things didn’t work out. I will be going to a US MBA in the fall, but I do plan to exchange at UST later on. I would love to meet you in person since I am in HK for an extended vacation before school start if you don’t mind meeting a stranger.

  2. Hhahha, spot on!… Like seriously. I always wonder why people who are “lazy” always feel offended when you say something about their behaviour… o.O

    So funny, last week something similarly happened to me as well. We also have group meetings to discuss the assignment and there’s one person who talks a lot of air (not preparing etc) and last week, seeing her playing with the layout of our assignment on the computer, while we had a group discussion was the last drop for me and I was like
    ” Euh, can you please focus?”

    and she was like “I’m focusing”

    me “No, you’re not”

    she “Stop being so uptight”

    me O.O

    Maybe because I associate uptight “with a granny wearing her knickers up in the pants????” ( I know ^^*), but most likely because I couldn’t understand how someone who is in a very wrong position can even manage to say that to somebody who is actually doing something to get a good mark.

    It just shows that no matter how good you are, there are always people who will criticize you for the things you do. Like seriously, no matter HOW GOOD YOU ARE. There’s always something to find to nag about when people disagree with it.

    The words which you have listed about how the nagging people have listed you and how your friends perceive you:

    it’s Aggressive. Competitive. Driven. Slavedriver. Perfectionist. Focused.

    Efficient. Fast. Good output. Result-oriented. Dependable.

    Don’t you also think that there is a very thin line between them? It just depends if someone is in camp Bonita or not, which words to use…

    So, how negative people can be… listen to them with their arguments (although I do want to shove it right in their *ss sometimes hehe ;)), if it has ground (sometimes we are in the wrong, without knowing), listen.

    If not, toss it. Better yet, shove it in their you know what ;).

    Happy weekend Bonita! ^^

  3. oh, this brings out memories from my MBA. especially in a course called “business game” with groups competing against each other and where each member of the group had an assigned role. Though most of use were doing the MBA while working full-time I’m with you on slacking when it’s made to be group effort. or atleast, if you’re slacking – stay away, shutup and don’t interfere or pretend 😛

    but, with all that said and looking back, it was a good exercise in cooperation and acceptance. people are people, we all have our own lives, we all have weaknesses, we’re all doing what we know to survive in this world. and an MBA is just an MBA, work is just work, and at some point we start seeing beyond that.

    oh, and one last point – I wouldn’t worry too much about what “others say”.
    which reminds me – you should take Ellick Wong’s course about irrationality in business judgment and decision making… there’s a bit there about emotions, anticipated regret and groupthink biases that’s really relevant to this whole thing.


    1. Oooh love that quote Fili. Totally agree. Slackers usually want to get involved and put their ideas in even if it’s way out there that it’s obvious that they never even read the case. Then they criticize the group’s PPT and say they want to make major changes to it, but cannot really communicate what the hell is wrong. Irritating. Posers.

      I have a different view about separating work, life and MBA. I think responsible people do their best to get things done on time regardless be it at work, play, family or wherever. It’s hard to be responsible at home but irresponsible at work. You carry these values with you. The trick is finding these people who share the same values and try your best to group with them. Makes life a lot better. I’ve had heart attacks before when I used to work with people who made a lot of excuses, waited till the last minute and was just rushing to get subpar work done. Blech.

      Ellick Wong? What’s the course about though? I am taking mostly technical courses because it’s harder to get it elsewhere…

  4. Jennifer C, happy to meet. Can you let me know your email or number I can contact you? I think HKUST is great for exchange and wishing you all the best in your MBA this coming fall. Prepare for a challenging but fun adventure!

    LOL – your classmate does seem out of it. Poor you, and I think she was pretty unfair. The fact that you want her to focus doesn’t mean you’re uptight. I know you are terrific so just keep as you are. Hugs and feel better!

  5. All those traits are positive in my book. I never got the whole slacker bit myself. If you’re going to do anything in life you should put a 110% forth. In modern day China I see a lot of ineffecient business people who for the life of me I can’t figuire out how they make any money or survive in their respective jobs. Taxi drivers in Shenzhen that will only pick up fares if in a familiar neighborhood. Money is money and the only way to stay competitive is to be the lead of the pack. The MBAs are great on the wall yet does not make someone necessarily useful or skilled in anyway. I only have my Bachelors and I could outhink people supposedly more educated. Truth be told I want the person that is going above and beyond the minimum parameters. Slackers are losers and eventually be found out for the frauds they are. There is only some many smokescreens one with little talent can put up. Hell with what they think of you, in the long run you’ll be surpassing them, so it’s all good.

  6. China Shark Mike: Yes, I do agree with you that education can help but isn’t really the most important thing. Case in point, at MBA, there are a lot of people who went to many prestigious schools around the world. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really matter where you went to school if you’re lazy.

    No thank you – would rather have a sharp person without a prestigious degree who can deliver. 🙂

  7. Just out of curiosity, since this is an MBA class in Hong Kong, why would they have the students picking DJIA stocks instead of Hang Seng stocks?

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