I’m sniffing and for all the wrong reasons

Trader flew in last Friday for Valentine’s Day with at least a Valentine’s Day card and an apologetic grin. He found my letter to be “hilarious,” and did his best to reassure me that he’s in it for the long-run.

We talked. We made a lot of compromises. I cried in anger. He took it in.

Anyway, we spent a lovely weekend eating seafood in Cheng Chau Islands.

Those who were in Hong Kong knew that Saturday was a pretty cold day and in trying to look good for Trader, I was wearing flats and a nice sailor dress outfit.


As a result, I’ve been sniffing and coughing the whole of today. I am sick and seriously, it’s awful. I couldn’t even breathe properly through my nose because it’s darn blocked. On my desk are lots of tissue paper, all used and soggy.

Grumble, grumble. Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

Crap crap crap.

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