More options = better?

Does it frustrate you that you only have one body/life/job/girlfriend?” I nonchalantly asked Trader. I have this silly tendency of asking totally random questions which trouble him very much.

I mean, for example, per day, despite the many options you have on your cabinet,” I started, “You can only pick one outfit.”

Of course, you can change outfits halfway through the middle of the day, but given the constraints, you can probably only be able to wear that one outfit that whole day,” I continued. “It’s the same as a job or a place to live… once you have chosen, you pretty much stick with your employer until you make a radical change.”

It’s ironic indeed, don’t you think?

Despite the choices the world gives us, many choices can only be limited to one at a time.

Not really,” Trader patiently answered. “What’s wrong with just having one?”

“But what if you get tired of your girlfriend for example,” I insisted. “Then what? If you’re a nice guy, you can’t really divorce your wife just because you’re no longer feelin’ it.”

“The relationship changes of course,” he explained. “Over time, you become best of friends. Think about your mom and dad, they’re not divorced yet are they? And they’ve been together for over 30 years.”

In an alternate universe, wouldn’t it be great to have it all?

In reality however, having it all can be difficult. How can you wear two outfits at one time? Work at two jobs say Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan all at the same time without any repercussions? Date two guys at the same time without guilt?

One at a time…. that’s the rule of the game in this realistic world.

At 1.5 years together, Trader regards our relationship as cruise control. Unfortunately, that’s not enough for me. So I complain as I always do.

I don’t want cruise control,” I said. “I want raw emotions. That falling in love feeling.” This is a hypocritical, hypothetical question because no one else knows that my love for Trader is also as mature as his love for me. But hey, I love complaining and for some reason, he loves to hear me complain.

Anyway, I was wondering about this silly question because I sometimes wonder if I am actually closing my eyes to other opportunities by not being single. My mom has always advised me to “collect and select.” However, I haven’t really been doing a lot of collecting after being with Trader.

Collecting friends, yes. However, it doesn’t mean that I’m opening myself to getting to know other people in a romantic capacity. Maybe, just maybe, there is someone better fit out there for me? 🙂

I shake away the thought.

I remember how caring and considerate Trader has been to me. Sure, it’s not as exciting as previous relationships but it warms my heart.

I like it.

There is no perfect person for us,” Trader once told me. “They only become perfect because we choose to be with them, and they with you.”

I agree. Love you bee!

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