A woman in her late 30s…

As I reach the big 3-0 this year, it’s harder not to feel nostalgic and somewhat afraid of the future. Will I ever get married? Is a normal family life or me, or will I be more like those women at Sex and the City?

Mind you, there’s nothing wrong about being in your late 30s and glamorous. My friends who are in these stages have it all: they have a decent career, great income, with the room and freedom to do whatever the hell they want whenever they want it.

However, we being women, I must admit… we do look for a partner sometimes. We watched Pixar’s Up’s opening scene of Ellie and Carl’s marriage and our eyes start to tear up. How can we not? Does anybody really want to die alone?

No matter how successful we are, it’s always terrific that there’s someone at home waiting for us, loving us for who we are.

Some women do miss this moment however. Maybe it’s because we prioritized our career, got too busy, got too arrogant, or just dated the wrong guys, but before we know it, we’re celebrating our 36th birthday and are still single.

By that time, it’s the last resort. Many men, no matter how angry we are on how superficial they can be, are no longer chasing after us. What for especially since there are so many nubile women out there who are willing to compromise a lot more just to be married?

There’s also the issue of kids. A lot of men want kids, and what are the chances you can still conceive if you start dating a 36-year old. It’s tough ain’t it? And what if you want more than one? That would definitely be far too late…

Hence, I feel sad when I see my female friends getting old.

Though they cheer with their glasses of champagne, as they close their eyes and make their birthday wishes, I do feel that they’re most likely wishing for a man.

And though that men can be more trouble than they’re worth (haha!), life is definitely more interesting if shared with someone else.

Just a few thoughts. Peace to all the late 30s.


The thought of it though scares me. Sorry to admit it but it’s true.

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