Still Alive…

Is it just me or are meetings dragging on to hours long?

Back when I was still working, we didn’t have time for longer meetings but now it seems that it’s the norm than the exception here.

Which is a bit of a pity since I missed two different talks today because of poor time management.

One was with a tycoon which I didn’t mind missing out of, but the other was a talk on the Asian economy, which I was very much interested in.

On top of the academics (bah, I still have to read through 8 chapters for a freaking quiz next Tuesday), groupwork, extracurriculars and such, your blogger here is very much alive.

Though constantly worrying on how she’ll finish the semester with flying colors.

On the list, there’s two papers, 8 chapters to read for a quiz next week, another marketing paper, another Econ assignment, and hell, I’m sure Financial Accounting will not give us a break and give us another one.

Ah, it’s these moments we’ll miss.

Alive alive and off to bed for some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Btw, Trader and I fought last night. For some reason, he can make the biggest of issues all better. 🙁

But I’m not mad now so that’s a good thing.

Grumble, grumble.

Must be some PMS. 🙁

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2 thoughts on “Still Alive…

  1. Good to hear that you’re alive and well :).

    Ps~ maybe when you have the time, you should start wall climbing again? ^^

    Take care~

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