Cooped Up on a Friday Night

It’s a Friday evening and I have chosen to stay at home and work on my economics assignment.

As usual, there is our regular batch of classmates going out to party in LKF. “Come on Bonita,” one classmate invited, “It’s a Friday night!”

The issue was that I’ve made such a big deal about coming prepared to a group meeting that I had to be prepared for every group meeting I have, one of which is upcoming tomorrow and I’ve jack shit to show for it. 🙁

But actually, the other reason is that LKF is just an hour away from HKUST. So that’s one hour to, and back and that doesn’t count the moolah I’d have to shell out for beer and taxies especially after the subway closes down for the night.

The most likely reason is that I’m just plain lazy. And I think that socializing happens everyday, and if I don’t really take my studies seriously, I’m not making worth the expensive tuition and opportunity cost I paid for in this program.

Coming for an HKUST MBA was a very expensive choice for me.

I had to quit my cushy job with all the perks that comes with it. And immerse myself in the graduate experience of hell, finding ANOTHER job.

I have never felt so desperate to network in my entire life.

Back in university, networking came easy by being a president of a socio-cultural organization which kept me and 60 officers busy for the entire year.

When I moved to Taiwan, I was part of another networking community, churning out a lot of projects per year.

In Hong Kong, network was my job. I was being paid to schmooze with senior management of corporates in Hong Kong. I was paid to do cold calls, take clients out and then be their friends. That’s what I did.

And now in school, I’m forced to do networking again — to find another job!

Sometimes I really wonder just how valuable networking really is. I mean, when I was still working, networking didn’t really help as much. People who needed my help knew they can get it anytime because they’ve already paid my firm in terms of commission. I loved that type of work. Being paid indirectly by my firm to do what I can do best.

However, in HKUST or in any MBA, networking’s the name of the game. And when it becomes an obligation, it becomes tiring.

Anyway, enough of my complaining. I’m glad I still have this wonderful opportunity.

Btw, I miss Trader. He’s now going back to Manila to visit his family and remember how much they love me (NOT)?

Sometimes, it’s these weekends that we wish that we have someone to hug.

I’m such a good girl. 🙂

Okay, back to work and hope you’re not cooped up studying again like I am. Go out. Enjoy! 🙂

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