HKUST Dorm: My initial thoughts

Though I’ll be officially moving in my dormroom later this Sunday after I send my parents to the airport (yes, I do spoil them), I’ve already managed to clean up my place and load it up.

My first thought after I entered the dormroom: “My gosh, it’s tiny!”

The distance between the door to the end of my window was a mere 10 or so steps, with your feet right above each other.


Pretty bare, isn’t it? 🙂

Now, here is the view when I sit in the left-hand corner of the room, by the bed. This photo was taken while standing atop the bedstand. I’ve moved the dirty mattress to make way for my suitcase:

Right beside the door as you can see is the study table which is equipped with a corkboard and flourescent light. It’s quite spacious as there are four shelves you can place your stuff on, not even counting the top shelf:

Lastly, outside my roomie’s window is this beautiful view of Clearwater Bay. This is the same view from the common room, which is equipped with a small fridge, toaster and microwave for everyone on the floor to share.

Unfortunately, THIS is the view that I have from my window. Compared to the other people’s view, it’s bummer that all I can see is a tree and a small part of the campus. Boo hoo!

Surprisingly, I had been able to pack in all of my stuff inside my dormroom. Though it looks small, the room is deceptively big given that it has a lot of storage spaces and cabinets. Imagine, there were around seven (7) usable cabinets in all, and I was able to fit all of my socks (can you even count the number of socks I have?!), dresses, work clothing, lingerie, etc.

Next post: Maybe the finished product after I’ve decored my dormroom. 🙂

It’s a lot more liveable now, just a few touches from Ikea is needed. Mainly, a place to put my hairpins and whatnots.

The empty spaces will be placed soon with my study books.

Oh, and the Accelerator program starts tomorrow. Lucky to get in. Whopeeee!!!

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