My parents are here!

They arrived yesterday afternoon and we’ve been together ever since.

Here’s the shocker though: After suffering from pneumonia a few weeks ago, my 75-year old father is such in a weak state. He finds it difficult to walk long distances (e.g., he shuffles more than he walks) and my mom tells me that they have already bought him a wheelchair back home.

Trader disagrees that my dad should be using a wheelchair. He firmly believes that once someone uses the wheelchair, they’ll lose practice of their motor skills, speeding up their body’s gradual disintegration.

I am very troubled. Imagine the time when I was three, and he was pushing me around Disneyland in a stroller? Now, the tides have turned and I’m returning the favor by pushing him on a wheelchair.

My father’s hand shakes when he eats his bowl of noodles. He speaks less too versus before when all he did was shout as us kids. He breathes loudly.

I am worried.

That’s what happens when you get older,” Trader consoles me. “You’ll be like that as welll when you get old. You really lose control of your body.”

To make it worse, my stubborn father refuses to take his medicine faithfully, paranoidly thinking that someone else was poisoning him. He only took them this trip once his hand started convulsing.

*Big sigh as Bonita closes her eyes*

Life is interesting but it shouldn’t be this interesting. 🙁

To see your parents weaken in your very eyes, now that hurts.

Wishing that all your parents still be of health, and a great week to all of you!


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