Easy Guide to HK Utilities: What if you’re moving out?

Before you move, you have to deal with terminating your contracts with your internet/cable, gas and electricity companies lest you seek to forgo your deposits and be penalized for the new tenants fault.

Since I have already spent over an hour on the phone talking to various customer service representatives, I’ve thought of sharing with you what I’ve learned in case that like me, you are also thinking of moving from your apartment elsewhere to where these services are no longer needed.

In my case, because I am moving to the school dorm (Sorry mamma mias, but my no-income status prevents me from staying in a luxurious apartment anymore), I’d have to do a lot of termination. Here’s a quick guide as to how to terminate your contracts:

1) PCCW / NowTV (Internet and cable)

Tel: 1000
Contract duration: Usually 1 to 1.5 years
My channels: Bloomberg (Comes for free), Starworld, StarTV and Channel V
Deposit: Already deducted from previous bill so no deposit left. However, they will charge you for items lost. These would have to be returned.
Website: www.pccw.com

Surprisingly, their customer service was friendly, clear and straight to the point though I had to spend almost half an hour with him to ensure that I get everything correctly.

Bottomline is, to terminate your PCCW/NowTV contract, you have to call the hotline (1000) and ask them to mail you a termination form. That form takes 2-3 working days to arrive, and must be faxed to their office (Tel: +852 2300 9631 and attention: Stanley) before they can start processing termination. You should give them a 30 day head’s up (meaning, they have to receive your letter 30 days before) otherwise, you will have to pay for the next month as well.

Within 5-7 days of receipt of letter, the technician will come to your apartment to disable the equipments These you would have to return otherwise, PCCW will charge you for their loss. After you remove equipment, you will no longer have any broadband or cable services till you renew it.

For the new tenant: You just have to call +852 2204 9579 or the hotline, 1000 to arrange for a new contract. Basic fee is around HKD228 + whatever extra channels you’d like. Installment of broadband and cable will be set within 5 working days. At most, a week. You have to be present in your apartment while they’re installing the new equipment.

2) Hong Kong Electric

Customer hotline: +852 2887 3411
Nearest address: 9/F, Electric Centre, 28 City Garden Road, North Point
Deposit: HKD 700

Process: You can call anytime between 9am to 6pm (Monday-Sunday) but do note that their technicians are NOT available to review your meters on Sunday. Hence, if you want to cut off your bill on Sunday, you can’t. You either have to ask them to come on Saturday or Monday.

To terminate, you have to call 2 days before. Leave your new address so the company can send you the refund check. The technician will arrive in your building (Note: No need to come up to your apartment) and review your last meter. They will deduct the current charge to the deposit, and the remainder will be sent to your new address by check.

For new tenant: The electricity will not be cut off for 2-3 days, giving the new tenant a chance to create a new contract. The new tenant would have to call 1 working day prior to have their electricity started off again. They will be leaving their new details. A technician will come to review the meter and the new tenant will be charged in the next bill. The bill will contain the deposit charge plus that month’s charge.

3) Towngas

Hotline: +852 2880 6988
Times: 11am – 8pm just to be safe
Address: G/F, 363, Java Road, North Point
Deposit: HKD600

Process: Call two working days before and set appointment for technician to come over. Once technician comes, he will check your gas. That day, your gas will be cut off. The deposit will be refunded to you after 2-3 weeks on the new address, which you will be leaving with the technician.

Sigh, moving’s a total pain but it must be done. Am a penniless student now. Anyway, hope that you’re enjoying your weekend as much as I am (and yes, am being sarcastic. Haha!).

Will send you updates soon! My parents are arriving today so would be busy parent-sitting.

More drama to follow! 🙂

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