Like a Branded Bag

A relationship is like a branded bag.

When you see a woman toting a catchy bag, you cannot help but stare at what is in her arms. “I want one of those,” you jealously mutter to yourself.

You windowshop until you find the One. I won’t dive into the sacrificed needed to obtain the bag you want, buy after you shell ou the coat, it’s yours. The bag is yours!

You are thrilled.

The bag costs you an arm and a leg but you are excited by the novelty of it. You smell the calf leather and it lingers. There are no marks in it’s surface and it’s perfect. The euphoria of a new bag!

Your chests puff unconsciously as others look admiringly at your new purchase. “Nice bag,” they say.

After awhile, the novelty falls off.

The bag suffers some scratches and gradually become wore and torn. Scratches can be found in the surface. The bag doesn’t seem to be as special as to when you first purchased it.

A relationship is like that. After a while, the novelty wears off too. And you wonder what it is you initially saw that attracted you to that bag.

And yet, I do appreciate the beauty of the old, the comfortable, the ownership of what is yours.

Sure, there are many other beauties out there but what you have in your arms is yours. The scratches you see in it’s surfaces are battlescars from arguments now resolved and hopefully never to resurface again. They remind you of trigger pullers that upset your mate so it’s best that you leave them be, hidden somewhere else.

There is comfort and ease from knowing which keys go to whih pockets, of knowing how it fits in your shoulder.

So I feel blessed to have what I have. It’s no longer as new but I treasure it more because it us mine.

Have a great week everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Like a Branded Bag

  1. I totally agree with you! Well, I would divide the market in two things: basic stuff and seasonal stuff.

    Seasons come and go, but basic clothing will always be there~ no matter what time or date of the year. Of course, over time the colour will be less vibrant and maybe the seams are a bit torn… nevertheless, it still is a darn fine top which brings out the best of you! [good things in life will ALWAYS complement you!]

    … be a basic Bonita n_n ..

    Gosh, you’ve posted a lot! and I’m happy to read that you’ve had those moments of clarity. They will keep you grounded and make sure that you stay true to yourself in moments of doubt.

    Only one more month Bonita! 🙂

    Take care always and ps~ luv the bag!!! 😉

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