Loyalty – what loyalty?

I believe loyalty to be important.

It’s what cements an employee to his boss. It’s what cements a brother to his sister, a lover to his life.

When loyalty ends, you become nothingness. It’s as if I could’ve replaced you with somebody, anybody else and it would’ve still remained the same.

This week, I learned a lesson on loyalty.

Unfortunately, being a Libran, I take loyalty very seriously.

If you are loyal, I myself is loyal. If you are to cheat, I would cheat on you first (because that declares our partnership to be null). And if you are so happy to abandon me, why would I still clutch at your knees and beg you to stay? To whom do I owe the favour anyway?

I learned that a firm has no loyalty.

After 2 years of working in my firm, my line manager got sacked and she had to wipe away a tear. My colleague who was always hardworking was sacked because it was either her or my line manager. Everyone is replaceable. Everyone.

Nonetheless, I laugh a bit to myself.

A firm that allows one person to do anything carry a structural risk when that person leaves. What would happen if she was the only one who knew how things really worked? What would happen when all of a sudden, she had to go?

It’s stupid I know. But it happens.

So we shall laugh. And bid our goodbyes. 🙂

Hello Spain or Egypt!

Hope you’re having a great week. Carrying out the garden leaves is a bitch but it’s what we need to do.


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