It’s a Monday

Just posting because took a late shower and my hair is wet. Back home, we have a saying that when you sleep when your hair is wet, you’ll go blind.

We’re not going to tak any chances all right? 🙂

I’ve come to realize a few things.

First, nobody is perfect.

I’m not perfect. You’re not perfect. Nobody is. And it’s when you think you’re God’s gift to mankind that you realize that you have a problem.

I’ve been criticized today that my friends are kinda fucked up. “I really like you Bonita, but jeez, your friends are crazy!”

Hate my friends, hate me. We are in a way a reflection on who our friends are.

Sure, my friends fall. They’re weird, they’re unethical, they’re rude. But they’re imperfect and they know it. Proudly so. And that’s what make them my friends. Because they make mistakes, they fall and yet they stand up again with heads high despite their many failures.

And I would prefer them over self-righteous goody-two shoes people who do nothing but judge those who they think are not deserving of them.

Exccuuuuuse me Missy. Who made you perfect?

Ugh, I hate obnoxious perfect people. Show me the damaged goods instead because at least, they’re of some use to me.

Second, the library is a beautiful place. In Hong Kong, their Central Library is a terrific place to study in if you can find a seat. The only damper to my discovery is the knowledge that they do not accept you reserving your seat for over 15 minutes (a pain during lunchtime when you HAVE to eat) and don’t let you sleep.

Argh, it’s tough to stay awake because the stuff you study can often times be so boring!

Third, I am more in love with Trader every day.

We are not perfect. We argue. We fight. He makes me cry sometimes.

However, we work things out. We talk about our issues and resolve them. We love each other.

It’s this attitude of “let’s not give up baby” from him that I do appreciate, because damnit, your incoherent wet-haired author can be so impossible to be with.

Personally, if some thing’s not working, why force it?

We do underestimate the power of love though, and it’s in the face of adversity that we grow stronger.

It’s a Monday everyone. Have a great week!

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