Back from another trip…

Trader and I just got back from a weekend trip to my ol’ country, Taipei.

He was so nice to accompany me to ensure that I get my accounts in order. You know how women are. We’re everywhere and it’s great to have a guy provide some guidance.

Trader was so nice. We had a long eat-a-thon and I’m still so full!

Imagine, hot pot and sukiyaki eat-all-you-cans, and he also got to meet all my friends.

His words to describe them: “Interesting…”

His words to describe me: “Restless…”

Haha, well that’s life. On how one very content man could ever to choose such a restless woman to be with him. But hey, I’m not complaining.

*basks in his love*

Love love love my baby! 🙂

Will give an update soon. If I’m being responsible, I should blog more about Taipei, yes?

Time to shower. So pooped, and still a busy week up ahead.

Happy week everyone!

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