A laidback weekend

My long weekend was pretty short, to be honest.

Trader came over for my post-birthday weekend. Since I was parent sitting the previous week, I’ve decided to hold my birthday celebration instead this week.

It was pretty nice.

My high school friend who has now married and migrated to Cebu came with her husband for a short Hong Kong visit, so as soon as Trader arrived, we then met my schoolmates at Jade Garden for some dimsum.

Gretch used to be one of the coolest girls in school. She was not pretty in a very traditional way, but she was fair and she was cool. I think she dated around 3-4 people upon graduation whereas I wasn’t even courted by a single one. Later on, she met and married her college classmate, and now she’s a mother to a smiling 10-month old boy who unfortunately didn’t join her this trip. The family is now in Cebu living the quiet life and helping out with the family business.

Joining us are my other high school friends FH and his very pregnant wife. They met in Shanghai and moved back to Hong Kong after the wife got accepted on the HKUST MBA program. Very soon after, she got pregnant and is almost a mom.

I will not use any diuretics,” his lovely wife declared. “At the very least, FH will be thoroughly indebted to me for the rest of his life for all the pain I’ve gotten through.”

“My friend, use the drugs,” Gretch recommended. I sat there with mouth shocked agape. I was not a baby lover nor do I like kids. In fact, I rue the pain of having kids and in case I do actually get pregnant, I want them to pump as many drugs as possible.

The conversation shared amongst those married and with kids were quite different from myself and Traders’ friends. A lot of our friends are still single or dating and not even engaged. I guess, birds of the same feather flock together and heck, I think at the age of 29, we were still kinda young to be tied down.

Or then again, Trader thinks I’m a commitment phobic. Maybe he’s right?

After the interesting lunch, Trader and I took a nice rest before heading out to the ballet. My friends bought tickets to Romeo and Juliet which were showing at the Hong Kong Cultural Center last Saturday. Unfortunately, their flight came a day later than expected so they gave us the tickets instead as birthday gifts.

Bonita, you know I love you right?” Trader asked me when I told him about the ballet.

Why’s that?” I inquired.

Well, you’ve managed to get me to go to a ballet. A musical is all I can take when it comes to cultural events and you’ve been able me to attend a ballet with you!” he answered. As it turns out, his last girlfriend tried so hard to make him a cultured man and failed. And I managed to get him to go with me.

Well, in any case, if the show sucked, do you think we can sneak out?” he suggested.

Sure, why not?” I answered. I wasn’t a ballet fan myself and the last time I went to Lisa Macuja’s rendition of Swan Lake, I think I dozed off.

Nonetheless, to our surprise, we had the most terrific seats in the entire theatre! We were on the first row, straight at the middle and right in front of us was the conductor! “Sheesh, there goes our sneaking out idea,” Trader rued to himself.

Good thing, the show was better than we both expected. We thoroughly enjoyed it and though there were a few slow moments to this 3-hour show, it was still fun and I didn’t sleep at all.

Come Sunday, we had a nice dinner with the friends celebrating the birthday. It was quite nice. Every time I hold a birthday celebration, most people at the table didn’t know each other and this celebration was no exception.

However, I have a tendency to invite people I genuinely liked to my party and it was quite fun seeing how well everyone meshed with each other. Time flew and before we knew it, it was after midnight and we all had to go.

Overall, it was an enjoyable weekend with Trader and friends. I wanted to write about demanding women but chose to write this instead. Hope all is well.

Take care and have a great week ahead! Now back to watching How I Met Your Mother!

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