“Honey, you’re not listening!”

I was excited to tell Trader that one of my colleagues was nice enough to give me a nailpolish set as a belated birthday gift. Unfortunately, Trader just came from the gym and was really, really tired.

He grunted. Nodded and basically, multi-tasked as he typed an email and passively listened to me.

Trader! Listen to me la!!!”  I almost yelled.

I am! I am!” he insisted. It’s true he is. Trader has this uncanny ability to listen and remember what you just said though not really appearing to be listening.

Nooo, I want you to listen listen and actually be present!” I insisted. Geez, am repeating my words like a non-English speaker. Like telling a baby, “Let’s sleep sleep la…”

Anyway, I babbled on and on on how great the nailpolish are, how they’re top class and really expensive, and when I was done with my story, all Trader asked was, “Dear, all I need to know is… when are you going to use it?”


No asking for who gave it to me or for details – just the simple, “When are you using it?”

Men! All I need them to do is to listen and be present. Is it really that hard? 🙁

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3 thoughts on ““Honey, you’re not listening!”

  1. “Men! All I need them to do is to listen and be present. Is it really that hard?”

    Tell him what dear old dad thinks of him and maybe he’ll listen more attentively :).

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