Typhoon Signal No. 8

It’s Typhoon Signal No. 8 in Hong Kong today and work is suspended. Hence, am stuck in bed logging onto my work mail trying to do some crisis management as we have quite a few clients traveling around China for the moment.

Yesterday, the weather bureau launched Typhoon Signal No. 3 by noon. By 6:00pm, they formally launched Typhoon Signal No. 8 to many people’s dispair as it meant long miserable lines by the taxi stand. Fortunately, my home is reachable via MTR and I left 30 minutes earlier to beat the people traffic. Hence, I was fortunate to actually arrive home with my da bao curry dinner by 6:30pm.

Anybody who left home on time got stuck in heavy traffic and crazy strong winds. Personally was afraid when I was on my way home because downstairs from my house is a wet market and a lot of these small stalls are tied together by galvinized iron.

Sheesh, you’ll never really know what would happen if one of those deadly babies got away! 🙁

Anyway, as you can see off my bedroom window, the sky is super cloudy and it’s kinda raining. The roadways are clear from traffic as everybody’s resting at home.


Sucks man, sucks real bad. 🙁

Anyway, here’s to share what I ate yesterday at Tsim Tsai Kee.


The wonton noodles soup cost a mere HKD21, the boiled veggies with soury Chinese mustard only HKD9 an order, and it’s conveniently just around the elevators at Central. I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes cheap eats and cool Hong Kong noodles. 🙂

For dessert however (and I just gotta have dessert), I had milk base with red bean, which was DELICIOUS. It’s just close to Just Salad also near the elevators, and cost me more than the wanton noodles at HKD22. Crazy huh?


It was so so nice though. Fattening, yet nice.

Anyway, gotta go back to work. Hope all is well and for those in Hong Kong, stay safe in your homes!


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