Reprint: Decisions

The Moment to Decide by Paulo Coelho:
The warrior of the light is terrified when faced with important decisions.
“That is too great for you,” says one friend.
“Go on, be brave,” says another.
And his doubts only increase.
After some days of anxiety, he withdraws into a corner of his tent, where he usually sits to mediate and pray.
He sees himself in the future.
He sees the people who will benefit and lose out because of his actions.
He does not wish to cause unnecessary suffering, but nor will he abandon the path.
So the warrior allows the decision to appear.
If he must say yes, then he shall bravely say it.
If he must say no, then he shall say so without fear.
In search for your destiny, you will often find yourself obliged to change direction. (The Fifth Mountain)
It is necessary to run risks, follow certain paths and abandon others.No one can make a choice without feeling fear. (Brida)
Don’t be paralyzed by either success of failure. Hit the road, move ahead, life is about moving ahead despite the circumstances.
A warrior of the light often becomes discouraged.
He thinks that nothing contains the emotions he hoped to awaken. Many afternoons and nights he is forced to remain sustaining a position he has conquered, without any new event to bring him back his enthusiasm.
His friends comment: “perhaps the fight is over.”
The warrior feels pain and confusion upon hearing these comments, for he knows he has not yet come as far as he wished.
But he is stubborn, and does not abandon that which he set out to do.
Then, when he least expects it, a new door opens.

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