Challenge = good? Nice = bad?

There are three most common industies people in Hong Kong work in:

1) Banking and finance
2) Consultancy, and
3) Law

Yesterday, I had this fortunate opportunity to talk to a banker.

I love Taipei. Women in Hong Kong are either way too bitchy, or way too nice,” he said. “It’s hard to get that balance.”

What’s wrong with way too nice?” I inquired. “Do you want high maintenance women who demand that you buy them Jimmy Choo shoes and Prada bags all the time and treat you like crap?”

“That’s pretty extreme, Bonita,” he replied. “As I’ve said, it would be great to find a girl who can strike that balance and would still prove to be a challenge and keeps my interest.”

Two things came into mind too—first, I do hope that I strike that careful balance of being a bit bitchy and not too nice though admittedly, am more of the latter than the former. Not that I am in any way interested,  but I find it funny how these guys are always complaining that they can’t find a sane woman when I who is just standing next to them consider myself to be emotionally stable.

Second is the word challenge. I hate that word.

Challenge was what my ex liked whereas he got off from chasing me.

He liked the challenge I posed like a cat chasing after a string, pursuing it relentlessly. “I’ve just got to get it!!!” he would scream inside. To get me was his goal, and once he got me, he looked at the string and walked away.

Challenge is when you want something so badly and you just gotta have it, regardless of what everybody thinks. That’s when my ex pursued me even though it was quite obvious that he was not ready and we weren’t that compatible. But he’s gotta have it because he wants it.

Personally, I don’t think that challenge is dependent on being interesting. It’s hard to keep someone’s interest really, or maybe it’s just me.

What makes a person interesting?

I can only be myself.

Anything more than posing a challenge, or what not is just exhausting. It would mean that I have to pretend someone that I am not. I can talk, socialize, have hobbies and do have enough interests and ambition to be considered as half-way “interesting.” Why try to boil someone’s blood by not being yourself?

Which is why I’m probably still single, eh? 🙂

Maybe I am too nice (Not).

Or too intimidating (Not really).

Or too tall (Ummm… 168 cm is not tall so stop with that silly excuse!).

Or maybe he’s out there somewhere, not really caring about whether this girl is a challenge or not. Maybe there is actually someone out there as well who doesn’t want to play that crappy hard-to-get-game and just wants someone who is genuinely nice, real, and complements him and for him, that makes her special and interesting.

Who knows?

But till then, I will sip my wine, nod my head and move on to the next person. Maybe then, I can really find the one for me.

Belated happy singleness awareness day, everyone! Sunday’s here—let’s make the best out of this one last day of freedom!

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