Happy Singleness Awareness Day!

Guys, take out your wallets so women can women bask in the company of overpriced dinners, dark candlelights and 99 gazillion blood-red roses so that you can get hot and heavy tumbles in the sheet later that evening. Thank your lucky stars if no gifts are expected, which means that you can at least narrowly escape eating from sardine cans the entire weekend!

Happy single-ness day everyone!

Appreciate the time where you can enjoy your singlehood and freedom till you can. It’s a time to appreciate your new status—single or not. We never really become aware of our marital status until the pressure’s on, and it usually comes this time of the year. The single people can turn green with jealousy all they want but hey, there’s a time to be single, and a time to be attached.

Enjoy your status—whatever it may be—so long as you can. 🙂

It could’ve been hard. Either I would have gorged on buckets of Hagen Daaz feeling sorry for being alone, or I could get totally pissed and gone out for the evening, making up for lost time.

Fortunately, my colleague was spectacular enough to invite me to her house at Pokfulam for a night of fun and games with some a cool bunch of friends. There’s nothing better than to spend a Saturday evening in a beautiful house, delicious healthy fare and the company of some of the more interesting people I’ve ever met in Hong Kong.

 This is how life is. We wish so badly that we were sharing these moments with somebody really special that we forget that love doesn’t just come from one person. It also comes all around.

People ask me why I am still single, and whether I should stop working so hard and actually do something about it.

To address this, I believe there’s always a time for everything. A time to be single, and a time to be attached. A time to be married and a time when it’s enough. The key to happiness is just taking everyday and making the best out of it.

Okay, not really too coherent as drank a couple of glasses of good wine.

Happy Valentine’s!

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