Due to the rough financial market situation, my company is having a hiring freeze and job cuts are coming soon. The good news is that being an invaluable contributor to the team, I’m practically safe. Though you’ll never know how the winds would blow, for now, I practically have job security.

The problem is this — my boss cannot let me go.

My company had grand plans for me. Regional office has hoped to tap into my talents right now, but my boss cannot spare me. “There has to be someone on the ground,” he explained.

I understand though it’s definitely disappointing.

It’s true — I was hoping to have packed my bags and leave this little island by the next month and it totally sucks when you’re told that those plans have been placed on hold. You listen you nod your head. I totally understand. Given the fragile state of the industry, who knows if we even have a job tomorrow. This is a bullet that we all as a team, need to bite.

However, it saddens me that the opportunities that are rightfully mine have been delayed. “It may be postponed till the end of the year,” my boss said.

End of the year is freaking 3 months down, subject to more postponments.

What if it never happened by the end of the year and we’re still on a hiring freeze?

Then what?

Am I going to be indefinitely stuck in Taiwan?

Don’t get me wrong. This little island has been extremely good to me.

From my first year studying Chinese in Mandarin, to my first job at a notable computer company to where I am today, Taiwan has treated me very well. The flow has been smooth and am grateful. Despite being Filipino, I am blessed with many opportunities not available to normal immigrants.

Call it luck, I guess.

But 6 years my dear. From September, count the months! October blips as my second month here. How long will I stay knowing that I’ve already outlived my usefulness here?! I’ve already met all the people I need to meet, done what I’ve supposed to do.

Nonetheless, despite my disappointment, I am a realist.

In fact, should count myself lucky to still have a job when everybody is losing theirs.

Life is about survival to the fittest. From day 1, I’ve tried to contribute as much as I can that people would see me as an asset than a liability. My job description has ballooned so much that it’s starting to nip me in the butt — now my boss cannot let me go unless there’s a good replacement that’s approved by regional!

Honestly don’t know whether I should laugh or stab myself in the heart cry.

Anywho, great thing that weekend is here. I can now wallow in my self-pity a nice hot springs resort this afternoon. Then a packed weekend in the company of good friends.

Hope that your weekend’s great to! How’s the financial crisis affecting you btw? 🙁

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3 thoughts on “Disappointed.

  1. Pretty well for now, actually. I intend to use the current bear market and herd behaviour to grab a few more shares of a company that has good long-term foundations, actually. While there definitely is some risk in that decision, I trust my instincts and fledging market analysis abilities!

    (wait a year or two and I’ll come back to your whining about the market crash because of World War III…)

    Do you know where are you going to be sent if you get that responsibility of working in the regional office? I think that despite that little disappointment, you did exactly what you advised in your last few posts, working on your opportunities to be better off in this crisis. It will pay off for you in the long run… like my shares I hope 🙂

  2. “You listen you nod your head.” and…

    .. you are right to feel disappointed 🙂 -> at this moment, you know you are so much more worth (and luckily, your boss also acknowledged that), but you are trapped in this situation… wait and see, like dragonstalker sayed -> it will pay off for you on the long run! ^^ .. => great things happen for those who have the patience to go with the flow, instead going against it… I know -> you can’t wait to go on.. eager and excited to the next chapter of your life, but wait and see 🙂 .. .. hard huh?.. -.-” .. 😛 …


    .. I haven’t followed the news lately, so I’m not really up to date about the financial crisis from America (I know, shame on me -.-“)… so, I really don’t know what the hell everybody is talkin’ about around me 😛 .. I know a bit, don’t get me wrong xD -> but not the essence of it all.. ghe, so.. I haven’t noticed a lot from it all.. -.-” (I think it’s me just being ignorance..T.T …)

    … have a nice weekend!! .. ^^

  3. To be politically correct, the “your” in the second paragraph of my post should have been “you”, else we might get some queer misunderstandings…. 😛

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