The Long Weekend

I’m slightly melancholic after the long weekend.

Not because I had no company — I had tons. However, sometimes I wish I can just keep the company of a single person all throughout.

Anyway, it was a pretty eventful few days.

To start off, on Friday, my friend and I tried out brunch at the new Diner near Carnegies. The food was… just the same as the Diner at Rui-An Road but the fact that we didn’t near to wait was pretty cool! Am sure this condition would change as more and more people know about it, but still, whoopeee!

As usual, ordered their Breakfast Burrito which was pretty damn good. Unfortunately in the Anhe/Dunhua branch, somebody would have to refill your coffee… difference with the Rui-an Branch where it’s self service:

Afterwards, met up with my friend LL to hit the beach in Tashi, or Honeymoon Bay. A lot of Taiwanese still think that Tashi is near Taoyuan, when in fact there are two Tashi — this one is closer to Fulong Beach, and is beautiful. Don’t believe me?

Check out the sign — Tashi is a famous surfing place in Taipei. Only NT$102 by train! Used to go and sleep overnight at the beach when I first arrived in Taipei and eat at this Vietnamese restaurant, which is now unfortunately closed:

Remember that they serve really cheap pho at around NT$50-70 a serving! Cheap yet delish, just my type of dish!

Just love sitting by the beach and listening to the waves crash to the shore! Very zen-like, and a great way to relax. Wish I can do this everyday!

In addition, saw a few weird things on the sand. Turned out they were dead puffer fishes washed out in the shore.

Looks like little hedgehogs. Here’s an even bigger one. Ladies, feel free to barf if you want:

Cool, huh? That is, so long as you didn’t step on them!

Check out the nearby school lying just by the beach. Lucky kids to be surrounded by nature while immersing themselves with knowledge!

Aside from relaxing at the beach, also met a few new friends who were part of LL’s Dragon Boat team. One was pretty cute — tall, blonde, American who reminded me of Eminem when he wears his sweatshirt. Needless to say, I was intrigued.

He invited me later to his apartment for some cheese and wine. “My roommates and I are going to have a cheese and wine party, and you’re invited,” he said as we were almost at his stop. “Come on Raven, you have around 10 seconds to decide to come or not.”

What the heck,” I thought, “Might as well… you only live once.” To tell you the truth, I was intrigued at the concept of guys having a cheese and wine party, and you’ll never know till you try.

So I went. Pretty spontaneously of me, huh?

Anyway, am glad that I went cause had a total blast! MNM’s roomies were all very cool: there were an American who is fresh of the Mainland Chinese boat and thinks that all Taiwanese women are pretty hot, and a Belgian wine connoisseur who thought up the entire wine-and-cheese party thing.

Their Belgian roommate prepared a nice risotto pasta dish for everyone with just the right amount of chewiness. Then, we opened two bottles of wine and had varied cheese and bread. Totally relaxing and delicious!

Unfortunately, there was some misunderstanding between MNM and I (groan!) so most likely, won’t hear from him in the future. But heck, the experience was still great while it lasted! 🙂

Sigh, he is really sexy though… aargh!

Anyway, as for Saturday, went and did some studying before meeting my friend MD and his live-in girlfriend for dinner at Macaroni Grill. The price has increased so much since it first opened, but truly, their Chicken Florentine salad (NT$430) is the best!

They encouraged me to pursue my MBA degree and keep my eye on the ball.

Afterwards, met up with my girl-friend at Barcode where we partied the night away. Even though everybody was still at Kenting for Spring Scream, Barcode was still adequately packed and met a few of my colleagues (eeep!) and a few old friends. Then, we headed down to Room 18 to dance before going home almost at the wee hour of the morning to watch, “Howard and Kumar Go to White Castle.” Super funny film!

Lastly, today, overslept and woke up late so missed brunch with friends. Nevertheless, met up with my girlfriend for some added studying and dinner at Carnegies. 🙂


My thoughts? You know what? Am kinda sick and tired of meeting guys and then un-meeting them. It’s like somebody shows you a gift and gets you all excited and then keeps it abruptly in his pocket saying, “Oh, but this isn’t for you…”

I am tired of that — the jokes aren’t funny anymore, and find it tiring when people ask me how long I’ve been single and if so, why a pretty girl like me is still single all these years.

The real answer is, “How the heck am I supposed to know?!”

Am a firm believer of yen fen, which is Chinese for fate or destiny. Unfortunately, it seems that my destiny doesn’t really lie in Taiwan. There’s just something that isn’t compatible between Taiwan and I… so when people ask me why I’m still single, I say this instead:

Well, I don’t think that women like me are in demand here in Taiwan,” I start. “In general, most guys prefer women who are the cute-sy type. I’m not really that cute-sy type. In addition, my personality is slightly stronger than most girls. I have too many opinions, and guess that’s not something that guys really look for.”

In addition, think that am also a bit more conservative than most. My friend Sab tells me, “You know what I learned in Taiwan? You have to act quickly and make a move. Otherwise, guys just start walking away…”

It’s trueseems that here in Taiwan, people see each other, get into a relationship, then start dating. You try out a guy and get to know them after you get into a relationship with them, not while you’re still dating.

Sometimes, wish I don’t think too much and just make a move. Similar to when I stepped out and joined MNM to his apartment for some cheese and wine. Didn’t I have such a great time? Life is too short for any regrets and noticed that mostly, regret more of the things that I didn’t do instead of the things that I did do.

So hope I can slowly change and be more flexible… make decisions a lot quicker. It’s not a fast change, but I should learn my lesson and just do it! If I like a guy, just pounce on him and stop dragging my feet to think whether we’re compatible or not.

Anyway, gotta shower and get ready for another busy week. Hope you also spent a nice relaxing long weekend! Next time, just go abroad!

Take care everyone!

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2 thoughts on “The Long Weekend

  1. (1) Guys in Taiwan don’t necessarily like the cute type. In fact, I would say that most like the sexy, mature, beautiful type.

    (2) It’s not that guys in Taiwan, and I would fathom guys anywhere, don’t like strong personalities or girls with opinions. But what exactly is a “strong personality” in this context? A strong personality does not necessarily mean constantly trying to express yourself even when inappropriate. Similarily, having opinions is fine – but what kind of opinions do you have? Under what circumstances and in what ways do you express them? Something to think about.

    Btw, I think you’re a really cool person.


  2. Anonymous, your comment made me think. Love it!

    You’re right about the strong personality especially in emphasizing that guys aren’t really afraid of strong women. But they would rather be women of substance who are not all bark and no bite. Sometimes, silence is better than talking too.

    With two paragraphs, you also tell me that you’re a cool person too. Keep those insightful comments coming!

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