White Flag

Today was weird.

Every friend that I met today had warned me against SimpleGuy. Not because he ain’t cool, ’cause Top Climber who knows SimpleGuy personally thinks the world of him.

“He’s a cool kid, Raven,” Top Climber commented. “But I just don’t see you two together.”

Argh! Why’s that?

Well, you’ve always been picky with your men. And he’s great and all that, but he’s not the long-term type,” Top Climber added. “I mean, he’s 25, doesn’t have a stable job, and well, where do you see this thing going?”

I told him I didn’t care about the money, thank you very much. I really don’t.

Just looking out for you,” he said. “I think he’s a terrific, but I don’t think a life with him isn’t easy.”

Great, I’m not in a relationship yet, and all my friends are worrying already. 🙁

My best girl pal summarized by saying, “I know he makes you happy, but money, position and status is important in the long run. You’re driven; he’s not. You’re focused on your career and MBA, and you’re not.”

Lisa, my best friend agrees. “Raven, in the long-run, it’s important if you and your partner are of the same level. Otherwise, what can you talk about? If you can’t share your troubles at work, then the conversation will be very limiting as work is an integral part of your life.”

Sigh. Doesn’t it occur to them that I’m crushing on this guy because he is different? Take it as an escape from the stress of work. I already have that 24/7, why would I want to take the hassle home?

If a guy can just help me relax and forget about work, that would be terrific.

Dashing William told me to write three things on a sheet of paper today. “Write down three most important things you need in a man.”

At first, I wrote the following:

1) Have integrity and strength of character
2) Makes me happy
3) I can talk to.

Change it, Raven,” he commanded. “I’m asking you to describe me, so what the heck is “me” and “I” doing in your guy wishlist.”

Here’s my second list:

1) Have high integrity and word of honor
2) Considerate and thoughtful
3) Intelligent and emotionally stable

Now, fold this, laminate this and keep it in your wallet,” he advised. “Whenever a guy asks you out, look at your list and see if he matches your list. Otherwise, just run away.”

This William is really good. Handsome, well-dressed, eloquent — too bad he’s into men. 🙂

He asks me about SimpleGuy. I tell him. He shakes his head.

He’s 25,” William starts. “If you’re just looking for good fun, then he’s perfect. However, if you want a relationship, he just ain’t ready. Don’t date guys who are under 30. Date someone who’s around 33 — they start smarting up and think about the future afterwards.”

“Career is also very important. If his long-term prospects is lacking, this may create some problems in the long run,” he adds.

Jeez, what’s it with guys and career? Why are so many people take it into consideration?

You’re still young so you can still have fun,” he concluded. “But if you are looking for a relationship, bark in another tree. He ain’t it. Maybe go to church?”

With so many people against it, well, seems that the writing’s on the wall.

It’s time to let go.

Let go while there’s still time and your pride hasn’t been crushed yet.

God, I really want to go climbing. Best way to release stress!

I can’t call SimpleGuy. It’s about time to cut ties. You don’t call him when you want to cut ties.

Oh well, at worse, I can go alone. I’ve been doing that anyway before, so what changed?

Disappointing indeed, and it’s raining outside, changing my mood to the sour. I’m pretty bitter relationship-wise, but then again, all this should pass. It always does.

At least, Ma won! Hahaha, maybe I should consider a career in political forecasting. 🙂

Head’s up for a united Taiwan!

Thank you again Goran, Flute and J Xu for your kind words. They’re really really a source of relief in these days. Appreciate it!


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    I believe what your commenters meant was COMPATIBILITY issues.

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