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Leadership Lesson: Be Kind

When I was in Hong Kong, I learned how to be a bigger b*tch. Everything was fast paced and everyone was on top of their games. I worked with the best of the best, and loved it. I worked from … Continue reading

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What did I learn from Touring the Slums (Part 2)?

Continuation…. 7. It’s tough to be educated in Baseco. There are two schools closely located in Baseco. The average teacher to student ratio is 1:75. When I was a child, the average is 1:45. The big problem is not the … Continue reading

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The Philippine Hypocrisy — Or is it just the Philippines?

One of last week’s bigger news is a popular comic strip artist resigning from his daily after a successful 25-year run at the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI), one of the widest read dailies in the Philippines. Since 1988, “Pugad Baboy” … Continue reading

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How Voting Happens in the Philippines

Today is the day Filipinos exercise their civic duty and vote. If you are aged 18 and above, you are allowed to vote for half of the senate seat (12 out of 24), and part of your local government (e.g., … Continue reading

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Raven’s Political View

After the interesting election weekend and Ma’s subsequent victory, I’ve been dealing with two groups who support polar sides of the KMT-DPP parties.My DPP friends bemoan that the KMT is back in action. “Oh no! With the KMT support strong … Continue reading

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White Flag

Today was weird. Every friend that I met today had warned me against SimpleGuy. Not because he ain’t cool, ’cause Top Climber who knows SimpleGuy personally thinks the world of him. “He’s a cool kid, Raven,” Top Climber commented. “But … Continue reading

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Raven’s Predictions

All of my friends will be voting for a new Taiwan president tomorrow. For fun, let’s make a few predictions. If Raven’s correct, Ma will win. Doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small margin, this shuai ke will finally … Continue reading

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16 Things About Taiwan That Drive Me Crazy

Sometimes, Taiwan just drives me nuts. Despite being here for over 4 years to date, there are still things that I can’t understand about this country. Therefore, ignoring the risk that you’ll be pummeling me with rotten eggs and tomatoes … Continue reading

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