Disappointed — But I Had It Coming

Big sigh.

That’s what you get for having expectations once again…!

I totally hate it when my guy friends ask me to introduce them to some women. Sure, they may do it under the guise of some activity, but I still dislike feeling like a “pimpette.”

It’s even more disappointing if I am slightly interested with the guy who made the request. There’s nothing worse than having a guy you’re slightly interested in to come and ask you, “Hey, can you invite some women along?”

It feels as if I’m invited just because I know tons of people, not because he/she really want me to attend. It sucks and makes me feel more like the consolation prize.

Next time I’ll stick with the tried and true and only pine after those who are also interested. Saves you from a lot of heartache afterwards. πŸ™

Metaphorically, I equate the start of a relationship with the hiring process.

A person checks out the companies he’d like to apply in similar to those of men who checks out women to pursue. Once a guy is interested, he sends in his “resume,” which in the real world means that he’d send out signals that he’s interested. This he can do by texting, calling, or emailing you all in the hopes of you going out with him on a date.

For example, my guy friend Bee would check out a prospect’s Facebook/Friendster profile and see if there’s any mutual interests. After starting contact, he’d try to sell himself by highlighting these commonalities.

The date is similar to an “interview,” where both meet 1×1 and see if they are compatible. If the results are positive, there may be a second interview and a third.

Making a relationship official is similar to a job offer. Remember how ecstatic you are after you finally get an offer? Isn’t it similar to that of finally getting a woman to reciprocate your feelings for her?

The problem with me is that I encounter a lot of men who sniff around and see if I’m interested. There’s obviously a lack of men who have the balls to send out their “resumes.” One guy recently asked me out but given the Chinese New Year holidays where I had to go home, we had to postpone our dinner plans till I get back.

He has yet to reconfirm the date/time, and for me, if there’s no specific time set, it’s most likely not going to happen. Moving on…

Next time I’ll stick with the tried and true, and just be interested in those who are super obvious in their interest. And it’s true — if a guy is truly interested, he’ll move heaven and earth just to get close to you. πŸ™‚

Take for example last weekend when I attended a wedding.

There was one charming guest who made a concrete effort to ensure he gets my business card/contact details, and was adamant to stick with me for the rest of the evening. He even joined us in the night market despite the fact that he’d rather be in Room 18/Barcode dancing the night away just to get close to me.

Shucks, the things guys do to impress a lady… I remember a guy who walked for 2 hours with me in the evening just to spend time with me. Little did I know later on how much he hated the heat and mosquitoes. But it did charm me a bit, so that worked.

It was quite sweet though, and I’ve discovered how much I liked it if a guy was really really interested in me. I have come to dislike wishy-washy men who feel things out and are unsure whether to take the plunge or not.

Guys who know what they want and take steps to pursue it are a lot sexier, like this mentioned guest. πŸ™‚

Another cute stranger in the wedding also caught my eye. He was tall, handsome and was a doctor — in other words, the perfect man — but after some reflection, as he didn’t even send in his “resume,” what’s the point of even agonizing in getting him to like me, when another guy already is?

Anyway, as I’ve said, I have it coming.

Sure, I’m disappointed in being treated as a pimpette once again, but then again, time will tell which guy will be the last one standing. Time will show who will be the lucky guy to get that lucrative job offer.

I have a feeling it will be the charming wedding guest I met last weekend.

Sure, he may be based elsewhere as he lives in Hong Kong, but his tremendous interest and his persistence in keeping in contact win him points. I’m sure that despite the distance, he’ll keep in touch, and before separating, he has mentioned that he’ll be visiting Taiwan in a few weeks time.

What will happen then?

Who knows?

Sometimes, it’s the uncertainty that drives us nuts, but then again, it’s these moments that make life interesting. These are days where stories are made of, and I eagerly look forward the weeks ahead.

Which reminds me, Valentine’s Day is coming soon and I have yet to get a date. πŸ™

Call it a commercial ploy for florists and Hallmark to make more money, but it would really suck if I have yet to get a date.

Oh well, what’s the use of worrying about next week?

Let’s just see how the music goes. Going to sleep now.

Night night!

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2 thoughts on “Disappointed — But I Had It Coming

  1. Men are a very simple animal. We have trouble with nuance. As such, you should just come out and tell the guy you are interested in that you will not bring women friends along because you want him all to yourself. This will get through his thick head.

  2. Thanks Boyd! I’ll keep your useful tips in mind so long as I find that special guy who’s worth it! πŸ™‚

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