Why Did I Leave the Philippines…

…only to return to a cold, wet and gloomy Taiwan? 🙁

It’s been raining sporadically since I arrived last night. The weather is so cold you can see your breath form as you breathe in the chilly air.

I miss the Philippine sun and hot weather!!!

Of course, it didn’t help that today’s the first day back to work. Meaning, I had a gazillion of urgent emails I had to go through, every one of which was urgent.

Believe me, I was working from the moment I stepped in the office till the time I left. It seems as if my relaxing vacation was years away instead of just last week. Hahaha, it’s amazing how hectic life can be especially compared to the laissez faire attitude back home.

On the upside, it feels great to be productive again. After a week-long break, it’s nice to finally get back in the treadmill. I also look forward to wallclimbing again tomorrow! Whhhhheeeee!!!

Btw, Valentine’s coming up, and I’ve yet to decide what to do yet. Shall I join my friend’s singles dinner, accept my friend’s invitation to cook for me at home, or just date myself?

Hmmm… decisions, decisions…

Frankly, am not really a fan of Valentine’s. It should’ve been called S.A.D. or “Singleness Awareness Day.” Hahaha, nothing is more obvious than to receive nothing on the Day of Love.

Oh well, I survived Valentine’s last year with flair; am sure this year would be no different!

Am tired after a business dinner so gotta shower! Nighty!


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