I met up with some former high school classmates last night for dinner at the popular Serendra in Makati. It’s amazing on how much we’ve grown over the last 9 years.

Bee is now working in the family business and is doing well. His current girlfriend of three months is again Filipino, and again disapproves of him hanging out with his high school girl classmates, despite his insistence that 1) he would very much like her to join us so she can meet his kabarkada (close group of friends), and 2) we are really, really just friends.

Big sigh.

It’s kinda funny in a way — every single time I go back, I meet with Bee and Lala, and the girlfriend of the moment would be very jealous of us and refuse to join us for dinner. This would be followed by her sulking and texting him the entire evening, followed by a breakup soonafter.

I tease Bee that it’s becoming a bad habit. He swears that he would want to follow his parents’ wishes and finally get together with a nice Chinese girl.

I laughed. “Bee, of all the time I knew you, you’ve never dated a Chinese girl. It’s always a Pinay! What would make you change now?”

“After all the psychotic Pinays I’ve been with,” he murmurs. “Maybe it would finally be good if I choose a Chinese next time.”

“Aiya Bee… it’s not the race, you know?” I chided him. “You should instead find mature women to date instead who won’t sulk and stomp their feet every time you hang out with your friends! Kung ako (If it was me), I’d welcome every opportunity! At least, I can make bantay (guard) my boyfriend!”

Of course, it would also help if he dated somebody his own age (27) instead of someone who was still in junior year college. She is not even 21.

At the same time Bee,” I thoughtfully added, “How can you expect a young girl to act so mature? Date a child, and you end up with a relationship with a child!”

That’s the problem with men.

They date women who are models, and expect them to be smart.

They expect women who are freakishly young, and expect them to be mature.

Often times, you cannot get the best of both worlds. It may seem as if you are, but usually, it’s not. Who are you fooling?

Anyway, it’s up to Bee to figure it out. As for me, I’m just content year in and year out to visit, and finding out this or that relationship doesn’t work out.

And it will continue to not work out so long as Bee makes the same mistakes over and over again.

But of course, friends are forever. Relationships come and go but relationships are forever!


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