In Brief…

because I have to sleep extra early today, I can only summarize what happened during this crazy weekend. Hopefully, I’ll have enough time in the week to post some photos. They’re pretty hawt! 😉

Friday: Had a nice local Taiwanese dinner featuring honey-barbecued goose liver at Yongkang street, before attending my friend’s Comedy Show at nearby Shida. Hartley Pool pretty much rocked this time, and met friends both old and new.

Why is it that these events always turn out into a reunion?! Taipei’s just too darn small! 🙂

Saturday: Woke up bright and early to review for the GMAT (yes, ladies and gentlemen… it’s started) and then went to the Longshan temple to buy some kinky toys for my girlfriend who’s getting married soon.

Do you know how many old men hang around sex shops in the Snake Street? Lots! Jeez, I swear, they were all giving me lewd looks, in a way asking what I was doing there…

What I bought? I’ll try to post photos afterwards… hahaha, but my friend totally loved it!

Anyway, as it was her bachelorette party, there were some man-whores/stripper who put up a nice show, complete with some totally wild photos! At the end of the night, our stripper got mine and the future bride’s mobile number, so we’d just have to see if ever he calls.

Hahaha! It’s not every day that you get to say that a stripper tries to pick you up. He moonlights as a masseuse in the daytime, so good to say, he has strong hands. 😉

Sunday: Breakie at the Diner and then off to the public library at Jianguo Road where I studied a bit. Then off to watch “Sweeny Todd” at Warner, one of the most violent films of the year. It somehow works with the musical theme which was quite a nice surprise.

But my gosh, have been squinting during some parts of the film. Too bloody for me!

Okay, will try to post photos soon. Am off to bed! Nighty!


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