Do I Look Like the Yellow Pages…?!

Big sigh.

This is the third time this week that some guy has asked me to take him out partying…

Don’t they have any friends to do so? And do they think that I’m this crazy animal who’s invited to all the parties…?! To tell you the truth, I spend more time in a coffee shop studying than dancing to the hippest beats at Room 18!

I am not the yellow pages, nor the pimpette that’ll introduce you to all the hot girls. Anyway, shouldn’t it be the other way around…? That they would invite me to THEIR parties?

What’s worse, I have some friends who may spend the weekend in Taipei, who have such high expectations that I can take them out for a good time.

Now, parties come and go in Taiwan — For example, some weeks like this weekend, there’s some interesting parties going on. There’s actually two: a house party and a lounge bar/dinner party at China White.

However, two weeks ago, I was a couch potato and watching the latest hit soap opera at home…

So it does vary. Some weekends are interesting, other times, they’re not. My life’s not a constant party you know…! I do work and study too!

Sorry, it just frustrates me whenever someone asks me to bring him to one of the parties am invited to. If I wanted to invite him, I’ll let him be the first to know, if you know what I mean… if I don’t extend the invite, then well, get the hint…

Can’t you guys take charge once in a while…?

Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

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