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Rush to See “Rush”

I LOVED the movie, “Rush.” Starring Chris Hemsworth in a role that didn’t have a mythical hammer in it, and Daniel Bruhl, who transforms himself into an arrogant yet meticulous German F1 World Champion, Rush brings us back to the … Continue reading

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Kick-Ass 2

  Heed the call to only watch Kick-Ass 2 if you’re over 16 years old. It’s full of profanity, swear words, blood, gore and violence. What do you expect in a movie where the antagonist calls himself, “Motherfucker?” One key character even … Continue reading

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3D Disney and 3D Porn Marathon

My classmate and I decided to watch the first ever 3D porn movie Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstacy just because I have never seen a 3D porn movie on live cinema. According to Wikipedia, after the movie opened a month ago … Continue reading

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So why am I doing my MBA full-time again?

I’ve just finished watching An Education starring the upcomer, Academy-nominated young actress Carey Mulligan, and the suave charming Peter Sarsgaard. It was such a pleasure to watch, and really hits the bulls eye on the type of education we’d like … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to a 29 year-old me!

Last year, my parents told me that I can now officially date. Now turning 29, I’m dating this really nice guy, relocated to a new country and are celebrating by parent-sitting this week. My dad is constantly in my back … Continue reading

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My wedding march

Yes, it may seem as if I’m getting a teeny bit lazier, but then again, I just can’t help but rave about this really nice video I saw online. The video clip was entitled “Let yourself feel” from Esteban Diácono … Continue reading

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Wanna Watch this Film!

Heard it’s a not-so-romantic love story that’s based on reality. Just loved reality-based movies! Wohoo! Too bad the showing’s not till August 27 (Thurs) in Hong Kong. But ooh, wanna watch, wanna watch! 🙂

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Guy Critical

Last week has been a weird one for me. I spent S.A.D. (Singleness Awareness Day) among a handful of fellow hot singles sipping a nice-looking mocktail and chowing on delicious Japanese fusion food in Dozo. My friend had this bright … Continue reading

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Pampered in Manila

Ever since I arrived last Sunday, I’ve been well-fed and pampered to death by my family. Ah, twas a sweet homecoming! For example, early Monday morning, we took a trip to the Quezon City Sports Club so that I can … Continue reading

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In Brief…

…because I have to sleep extra early today, I can only summarize what happened during this crazy weekend. Hopefully, I’ll have enough time in the week to post some photos. They’re pretty hawt! 😉 Friday: Had a nice local Taiwanese … Continue reading

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