Relaxing Weekend

There’s nothing better than having a relaxing weekend shopping. Yup, you heard me right — Raven has caved and done some retail therapy. Luckily too as it’s sale time these days.

And where else did I go but Marks & Spencer!

After taking a practice exam, I came upon Marks & Spencer Dunhua which bright signs stating 50% off! Not one to say no to a deal, I went in curious and came out NT$3,000 poorer.

Well first, there were a pair of work pants which fit my butt right. And moreover, I also bought some lingerie — buy 1 set, get 2nd set 1/2 price! Wohoo!

I bought a couple of black ones, they’re mighty sexy and oh-so-comfy.

You can never really go wrong with black and despite my flabby belly, I have to admit, black does hide many of your flaws. And of course, being the optimistic woman that I am, you’ll never know when you need it. So I bought a few sets. 😉

One thing I’d love to rave about is M&S’ service!

Though I think their designs are a tad old-fashioned, I just love the M&S customer service. The lady at the lingerie department was extremely helpful and smiley that I couldn’t help but buy more than I should. The people at the cashier politely asks if you want your pants wrapped!

There’s really no better shopping experience than to have great salespeople.

So M&S, great choices in your employees and keep up the good work. And yes, hopefully you can update some of your fashion selections so women my age can shop there more often too!


For once, I stayed home on a Saturday night and just relaxed. No going out despite my friend’s birthday gathering, just plain enjoy my own company.

And good to! I was being a couch potato and discovered a new Taiwanese show called, “鬥牛˙要不要,” to which I got instantly addicted. The male protagonist is such a cutie and it’s fun to see both Hebe and the actor always invade each other’s personal space but never really kiss. Oooooooh.

Sigh, isn’t he such a dream? He looks vaguely like Takeshi Kaneshiro who I am also a fan of.

Hebe I must admit looks really nice in the show, though I think she needs to make better fashion choices. Last night, her dress made her look like a Strawberry Shortcake doll, but her make up at the very least made her look cuter.

Check out her BIG eyes. She looks Japanese and cute. Aaaargh, would do anything for eyes as big as hers!

Hahaha, but then again, most actors/actresses have pretty large eyes. I am tempted to undergo surgery to make my eyes bigger, but sigh, there should be a reason for my chinky-eyeness that I’ve yet to discover. So should be happy with my God-given features.

Anyway, here’s more eye-candy for our reading pleasure…:

*Raven swoons* That Hebe is one lucky gal to work with McDreamy! I wonder how old he is… 🙂

But definitely, I’ll catch “鬥牛˙要不要” next Saturday at nine! Oh well, goodbye partying — hello couch potato!

I also caught the movie Tattoo / Spider Lilies (刺青) last night and was surprised on how much I understood from the movie linguistically. Hahah, guess my Mandarin skills is not as bad as I used to think.
The good news is, guys would be happy to see it’s about a lesbian relationship from women with lots and lots of issues. For example, there’s a scene where the two women start making out. Unfortunately, an earthquake happened as they were just taking off their clothes, much to the disappointment to men everywhere.

Their issues were too many and frustrating to mention…

For Isabella Leong (梁洛施) who plays the tattooist Takeko, she had to cope with her little brother’s selective amnesia which was brought on by their father’s death during the earthquake. So she had tiger lilies tattooed in her skin to remind her little brother who is heavily affected by their dad’s death of her identity. Frankly, her little brother is totally selfish and I disapprove on how selflessly she follows her little brother’s whims.

Simply said, Takeko has a LOT of repression borne by her filial piety to her family. 🙁

Meanwhile, Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) plays Little Green, who runs a small webcam business offering to entertain men live in exchange for points/money. This is to disguise her loneliness and mask her own tragedies.

Though nicely-edited (feels very artsy) and shot, I can’t help but scream, “That’s it?!” after the end credits rolled. I can’t believe that the movie ended as it depressingly did and felt the movie was a waste of time.

So watch it to see the movements and flow of the movie, but if you’re in for the story, you’re bound to be disappointed because ultimately, I don’t think there’s even a story.

Just two beautiful women living sad pitiful lives and making no steps to amend it…

Btw, just in case you’d like to know, it’s the first Taiwanese movie to win the Teddy Bear Award for Best Gay/Lesbian Film at the Berlin Film Festival. Ha, something to celebrate about indeed…

Anyway, it’s late so I’m out. Btw, also caught the Simson’s movie this weekend which was BLEH. Hahaha, oh well, Sweeny Todd comes out next week. Just can’t wait to see it!

Crossing my fingers that it’s good! Happy week everyone!

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