Why is it that if you sleep with her easily, she’s a slut.

If she doesn’t give it up too easily, she’s a tease.

We women just can’t win, can we? 🙁

On the flipside, I now know why last year, the guys I’ve dated had asked me out, had a great time at dinner with, and then asked me up their hotel room despite the fact that 1) it was merely our first date, and 2) I was not in any way wearing anything provocative to make them think I am easy…

According to my guy friend, I “have a ‘I will wear you out’ kind of look on your (my) face… that makes guys really really curious… you have a look that creates severe curiosity. You cannot change this.”

And there I was thinking it was because of my intelligence and wit, they have no choice but to fall hopelessly in love with me, declare I’m the woman they’ve been waiting for all this time, and marry me as soon as we seal the deal. I mean, it is logical to first test the goods first before you buy it right?

Okay, so am kidding.

Bad joke.

So I answered, “Regardless of their curiosity, they should work on their patience. Good things come to those who wait.”


They can not with that look… or then again, you may be sending out conflicting vibes.”

Okay, stop the presses — news of my sexual prowess no matter how legendary, is extremely overrated.

People who know me are laughing their @sses out as we speak.

I am unsure if that is a compliment, or a mere sexual innuendo.

Sigh, maybe I should wear shades the next time I go on a date…

…or maybe I should stop going out with wealthy, good-looking men who are on top of their fields who unfortunately are are on a business trip/in transit while visiting Taiwan and are just looking for a good time, regardless on who this lucky woman may be.

JR’s right, if there’s a pattern, you realize that sometimes, it’s not other people what’s wrong — it’s you…

So Raven evaluates, and dozes off to sleep… Zzzzzzzzzzzzz………..


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One thought on “Men…

  1. Hi, Raven, men generally gets excited if he likes the girl he’s dating. It is up to the girl to control the situation. In today’s age, most people would just go for it presuming their’s mutual attraction (mostly physical) between the two.

    If a guy really likes the girl he should respect her and give each other a chance to get to know each other better. If he’s just interested in sexual conquest then he will do everything that he can to make it happen. I guarantee you that if something sexual happen on the first date, the succeeding dates will be exactly that..just sexual.

    In general, men would not date because they want to marry you. He’s dating because he wants to know whats out there for him, first for fun and then maybe, just maybe for love but it would be the last thing on his mind for sure.

    Come to think of it, Raven, what can a man get by getting married that he can’t get while he’s single? If you can answer that, then you would know why men are behaving this way.

    By the way, I still believe in the old fashioned way of courting and really falling for each other over time and then getting married.

    Bihira na katulad mo and that’s an accomplishment by itself. Be careful out there. As for transients you know they just want to have fun.

    Always remember that nothing will happen if you don’t allow it to. It’s your choice and being smart that you are, I know that you will make the right decisions in life.

    Yung mga lalaki na above your age, they’re veterans kaya they know what to say or do to please you. Don’t just fall for that.


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