I am so out of shape.

Just went climbing this evening despite my Top-Climber flaking out on me… and was just surprised on how ungraceful I felt on the wall. My hands were going in all directions while I couldn’t even reach the medium-rated holds!

Take, take, taaaaaaakkkkkkkeeee!” I’d scream over and over.

Ever since Alexander closed down, I haven’t really spent the time to work out. It’s amazing that I can even maintain my weight as is. Guess eating alone most of the time helps as I get to control my food intake, but when I’m with others, all restraint go out the window.

A lot of people believe am really fit. Actually, it depends. I love climbing because it interests me. There’s nothing more de-stressing than a few hours on the wall. Even up till now, my muscles are all tensed up and I just love it that I feel fit, even though it’s only for a few hours.

I really have to get back in the grind.

That’s the problem in Taiwan; majority of the women are so damn skinny that it’s useless to even try to compare yourself to them. I heard from my friends that a lot of these women are so conscious about their weight that they’re swallowing diet pills like crazy or puke their food out.

Aiya, should stop complaining la… I like feeling fit, even though I like food just the same. There’s a sense of accomplishment when you slide in that hot dress and your curves all fall in the right place. Sure, it may come at a cost, say, being careful on what you eat, but hey, no pain, no gain.

Repeat that again to myself: No pain, no gain.

Sigh, so bad though. Anyway, gotta be healthy….!

Okay, I feel stinky because of the chalk. Shower time la. I’ll update and continue with Vang Vieng when I have more time to write. There’s so many photos and stories that I can share, don’t think I can finish my entry even if I tried.

Ciao lo!

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