Good news — Bad news

Good news: Today was our office Christmas party at a snazzy hotel. Everyone was excited and it took the pressure off work.

Bad news: Of course, that didn’t remove the fact that my colleague who absolutely hates me because of the screw-up shot my bosses and I an email saying how much screwed up the situation is. God, can’t they stop rubbing salt to the wound?

Good news: Well, actually, the situation wasn’t that bad. My corporate contact called to thank us for the flowers and chocolates. I’ll still be begging for forgiveness for the next few months, but at least, it’s a start for screwing things up.

Bad news: Too many things to do in the office, too little time.

Good news: Luckily, my last meeting that I had to arrange was confirmed. Phew! Crisis abated, for now.

Bad news: Am the receptionist at the Christmas party, and had to give out red envelopes to colleagues with names starting from K to Z. This means, we get stuck outside while the program starts because 15% of our colleagues are impolitely late.

Good news: We managed to give away the right amount of hong paos, so we don’t need to pay the money out from our own pockets. Phew again.

Bad news: Am seated at the table of the colleague who hates me. Groan!

Good news: I spend most of the time dancing anyway, so that’s fine. And I’m seated in between colleagues I like so that somehow helps. I drink more of the red wine.

Bad news: I see someone I went out with. Double groan!

Good news: At least, I know I look extra hawt today. I was wearing this form fitting black cocktail dress that’s almost backless, with criss-cross designs in the back. I have to suck my tummy most of the time, but I know I look good. Ah, sweet revenge.

Bad news: I go to the bathroom. My boss sits on our table and gives a toast. He eats my king prawns!

Good news: Multiple people comment on the dress. I don’t need those king prawns anyway. Gotta diet especially now that Alexander gym has closed down.

Bad news: It’s lottery time, and I don’t get any of the consolation prizes.

Good news: Maybe I’d get one of the bigger prizes: the bosses have been donating around NT$50,000 each, so that’s GREAT! I need some money for my Laos trip, and my GMAT studies.

Bad news: In the very end, I still don’t win anything. This really isn’t my lucky day.

Good news: Girlfriend calls. She invites me to go dancing at Ziga Zaga. I have company for the evening!

Bad news: Ziga Zaga is for older people. I’d prefer Barcode or Room 18.

Good news: Their band it turns out, is TERRIFIC! We dance the entire evening and do some camwhoring in the bathroom. I look around and there’s a lot of older people around… I think we’re the cutest women there. But then again, we’re probably one of the youngest too.

Bad news: I go to the restroom — not as young anymore. Start seeing some wrinkles. Triple groan!

Good news: Overall, it was a great evening! Had a fun time, and even though I really didn’t win, it’s okay. A lot of good news intertwined with the bad.

Bad news: This girlie is tired. Busy weekend up ahead. Zzzzzzzzzzz……..

Good news: Fun weekend to look forward to. Till then!

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