Something to Look Forward to…

On March, one of my colleagues from Zurich is visiting Taiwan.

The extent of my interaction with him: A few phone calls arranging a client’s trip late in the afternoon. From our calls, I’ve learnt that he’s an obsessive-compulsive perfectionist with extreme attention to details, even more than I.

Anyway, he’s visiting (of why of all Asian countries Taiwan is chosen, I still have to know the answer to that) in a few months and I look forward to arranging a good itinerary just in case he, or any visitors come.

Which made me think on where to bring foreign guests if they ever do visit…

Well, definitely, CKS Memorial Hall’s on top of my list, so will Yeliu, the National Palace Museum, ths Shilin Night Market, Danshui, Taipei 101, Hsimending (to know how young kids are these days), Jeelung/Jiufen among others.

It really depends where he/she wants to go… but definitely, there will be tons of food.

Totally love it when people visit: Last Friday, I had lunch with a client in the Japanese restaurant in Taipei 101. The conversation was pretty fun — turned out, this experienced analyst was also an experienced backpacker who recommended that I try Sri Lanka for a change…

That’s one reason why I do like my job — it allows me to interact with various people who just have perspectives that’s oh-so-different from yours.

Of course, there are some occupational hazards, say, guys who assume you’re easy and invite you up to their hotel room…

But it’s all relative, and you can always say no.

So anyway, that’s something I’m looking forward to right now, and yes, another thing is getting my life back next week.

Just. Can’t. Wait.


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2 Responses to Something to Look Forward to…

  1. Andres says:

    ah yes, i love it too when i have foreign customers and visitors. eat at good restaurants and company pays for it all??? oh hell yeah!!! but i never get invited up to any hotels 😛

  2. raven says:

    Haha, he’s here for personal reasons I believe. And regarding the hotel room, yes… 3 and counting…

    Do I just give out those vibes or am I just lucky?!

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