Typhoon Taipei Weekend

Sorry, but it’s been a so-so week for this Taipei blogger.

Blame it on the huge typhoon that hit our poor city yesterday, holing me back home for the entire day — probably the longest I’ve stayed at home ever since I arrived in Taiwan!

Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever stayed at home this long. So sad.

Anyway, this week was a first for me — last Wednesday, I had my FIRST annual checkup at the nearby clinic.

Believe it or not, I’ve never had a full check-up in my life ever.

Blame it on my dad who tells us that so long as the doctor have not diagnosed anything that’s wrong with him, he’s officially not sick and he doesn’t need to spend the rest of his life worrying about this and that — and my father is already in his 70s!

So it was interesting how much the doctor prods and pokes you. I’ve also had my first breast exam, and ironically it was done by a male doctor. So I wasn’t sure if he was moving his hands unnecessarily around my breasts or was it part of S.O.P.

Oh well, I just hope he had time to appreciate it if ever. 😉

The final diagnosis?

*drumroll please*

According to the initial reaction, it’s “Normal.”

Wohoo and pop open the champagne!

I’ve been given a clean bill of health! But then again, am just in my mid-20s, so what do you expect? Of course, we’ll wait to see if that was the case when my final report arrives in 1.5 weeks!


Now, before the typhoon caged me at home, I managed to attend the Macallan Gran Reserva 12 party at Neihu last Friday:

Gosh, so funny. In a clinging fine purple dress, I looked sorely overdressed among Taiwanese, some of whom were even wearing jeans!

Aiya, some Taiwanese don’t really know how to follow the dress code! It’s quite likely that some of them will even wear tank tops and blue jeans to a wedding!

*shakes head*

Very different from back home where special events are an occassion to dress up — not down.

The event started slow — there was a TERRIBLE magician act. So so bad! He cut the host into small pieces (the oldest magic trick in the book) and did a disappearing act.

Ho-hum. Time to sleep now.

Fortunately, it was salvaged by the strength of the Macallan drink everybody received (till they ran out of glasses!) which was still very strong despite being diluted by a big block of ice.

It wasn’t a bad drink after all.

It wasn’t awful forever. They managed to present another magician who did the coolest things with a piece of round glass. He played and toyed with it and it was a sight to behold.

So beautiful (too bad didn’t take pics).

There were fire-dancers which were okay — seen better in Thailand.

And for the finale, the same globe magician did a cool dance around a huge steel ring. Wohoo!

He was terrific and thought about getting his number (nah la, not for that!) for future events. He was really THAT good.

Finally, we moved on to lounge of the month, Barcode, where I partied till early part the next day. Here’s the cute barman preparing my favorite drink: Healthy and Sexy

Concocted with a mix of mangoes and a hint of strawberry, Healthy and Sexy is a drink every woman would love. Yummmmm….

Oh, and yes, another birthday party at Barcode!

My own birthday is coming up soon, so we’ll see what sort of craziness we can do next!


Unfortunately, the typhoon struck hard early Saturday morning reverting Taipei into a ghost town. Heck, even Mitsukoshi was closed!

Check out the rain that is blown away from the buildings! Just shows you how strong it really was… trust me, even I was scared of the strength of the winds that blew into my bathroom window.

So what did I do?

I FINALLY cleaned my ultra messy room. Hahah, I should’ve taken before and after pics but I’ll just show you the after:

TA-DA! Clean huh?

Trust me, it was the cleanest I’ve seen it for a long time and Ifeel so much at peace afterwards. Really different when you are just in a clean room.


Okay, gotta jet. Still have to shower, eat, study and watch a movie!

Be good everyone and have a good typhoon weekend!

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