What I Did Last Night…

Ate at my favorite Taipei restaurant — Ruth’s Chris, finishing a 12-oz. steak:

Beautiful, just beautiful. Check out the creamed spinach, mashed potatoes with onions and garlic mushrooms on the side.

Unfortunately, the 12-oz. is just too darn much, so after visiting my friend at La Giara and tasting their delish almond cake dessert (so like ice cream and melts in your mouth), I puked in the bathroom.

And felt better afterwards that I continued on to Roxy 99 for some wild partyin’!!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Raven is back from the dead.

And parties on after working her ass off the past 3 weeks and acting like a zombie.

I’ll update you guys later. Going to the Canada Deh Beach party tomorrow. Party on!

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