Restaurant Review: Mamm Goz

Today, I discovered a fellow food lover, AT. We were supposed to have dinner last Thursday to no avail. So we made a date to see each other today and it was really fun.

So what is a food lover?

Not only shall they love food, but food lovers should actively seek trying out new cuisines. Price shouldn’t really be a hindrance.

To my delight, AT is a food lover and we tried Mamm Gozz, a Celtic restaurant found at one of the alleys at Anhe Road Sec. 1.


Unlike its description at Taiwan Fun, it is not very close by the Eslite Dunhua Bookstore! It’s actually quite far… around 10-15 minutes walk away. Hence, after taking the server’s advice and asking the taxi to drop me outside the Eslite bookstore, I found myself walking back to the direction of Sinyi Road on extremely high heels, muttering to myself.

To be exact, the place is located one alley shy of Sinyi Road (if you’re walking from Dunhua). It’s the alley right in front of China Pa and besida Aoba. Here’s the complete address:

Mamm Goz
No. 12, Lane 112, Anhe Road Sec. 1, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2709 6636
Better make reservations as the restaurant fills up fast!
Hours: 11:30 am – 10:00 pm (closed Monday)


The place was pretty casual with Celtic tunes playing constantly in the background. The lights are low, but perfect for a gathering of friends instead of a first date. Only take your date there after you’ve been out with him/her a few times. When we were there, there was a 12-person table that was quite loud, but I think in normal times, should be fine.

Do make a reservation though! As the place can only hold around 15 people indoors and around 6 outdoors, the place should fill up very fast!

Taste / Food

Mamm Goz’ specialties are crepes and lots of ’em! If you’re looking for more exotic fare, this offers a slightly different selection than other restaurants in Taipei.

There’s salty crepes and sweet crepes, and too much to select from!

Since we couldn’t really make up our minds, AT and I went a tad overboard by ordering the set, which consists of their soup of the day, 1 gallete and 1 sweet crepe — all at NT$600 + 10% tax, in addition to their salad and 1 more gallete!

Their soup of the day was fine, and we thankfully shared as the servings were pretty big. The taste was slightly too thin for my taste, and ranks average among other soups in other restaurants. It’s good enough as a starter though:

Not too appetizing (ahem, slightly boring), so don’t forget to add pepper!

The tuna salad itself was pretty straightforward (believe the price was around NT$270) yet quite huge! Basically, it consists of chopped veggies, tuna bits, tomatoes and heavy doses of cheese served in a light vinigiarette:

Remember to share as the servings enough is enough to be shared by 2-3 people! Taste-wise, it’s tangy and filling, though not particularly special. Still, AT and I appreciate huge portions and we finished the entire place!


Next up are 2 galletes which we ordered, one with the set and one outside.

So what’s a gallete?

According to TaiwanFun, a gallete is a thick, savoury crepe made with buckwheat and served with generous fillings.

According to Raven Crows, a gallete is a crepe that’s not sweet, light brown in color with rich toppings served on top. Mamm Goz is famous for their La Gargantua, which consists of ham, egg, emmental cheese, onions, mushrooms and homemade tomato sauce (NT$380), to which we didn’t order but is shown in the picture below:

We however didn’t read the article carefully and ordered La Mamm Goz gallete, because it was their specialty:

This crepe was heavily flavoured with cheese I can’t really descibe so you’d just have to go and try for yourself, ham and egg. On the side is lightly-flavored chopped veggies which is a good complement to its saltier partner.

This was mine, but AT liked this one so much and finished it off. Hahaha, must have delicate tastes as I couldn’t really stand the cheese, it was too heavy for me.

Meanwhile, AT’s gallete was topped with chicken, onion, and light sauce, which I totally loved! So after some heeing and hawing, we realized we liked each other’s crepes and happily traded with each other! 🙂

It’s hard to describe the taste of a gallete so I’d mightily recommend you taste it for yourself. It’s more heavily flavored than the normal Japanese crepes you find around Warner, and the taste a bit more complex. Though I can’t really say these are the best crepes I’ve ever had, they are however bring out certain flavors one should just go and experience.

Hahaha, I know! I couldn’t even rate stars for this restaurant!

Okay, I suck at being a food critic for Mamm Goz — but if you go, you’ll get what I meant.

My verdict: Go not because of the food itself which should be adequately delicious but go because you haven’t been and because you haven’t tried. Then, it’ll become a true feast for the senses.

Heck, who has been to a Celtic restaurant before?

See?! Point taken.

Two notable things that I particularly enjoyed at Mamm Goz was 1) their cider which was slightly sweet with a hint of apple (and cheap at NT$390 for a huge-ass bottle) and served in a coffee cup and 2) their dessert:
Served with their own special caramel sauce, baby!

Now, I can’t stop raving about this dish. Though it doesn’t look like much, the taste was very buttery and has just the right amount of sweetness. AT and I finished this baby in a hurry!

Overall Experience / Cost

Net net, AT and I had fun at Mamm Goz and Raven Crows will readily recommend to you to give it a go if you haven’t been. For all these fun and fare, I spent around NT$700 which wasn’t bad given the amount of food and drinks we’ve consumed.

So what are you waiting for? Try it out and let me know what you think.

At the very least, it’s going to be a special dining experience.

*thumbs up*

AT and I enjoyed our company as well as your meal, so should be nice. Afterwards, we spent the time working off what we ate by going to the nearby TongHua night market which is just a stop light away. Ha! A perfect way to end if you’re going to a date.

A nice dinner first, night market next.

So there you go, here’s one of another million ways you can spend a weekend in Taipei!

Enjoy and night night!

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