Work-Life Balance?

These days have been spent working late in the office. Monday, Tuesday, I worked till the Cinderella hour, and last night, instead of partying at Roxy 99 which I should be doing, I spent it finishing up some reports till 1:30 am!

But what’s even weirder is that instead of hating it, I completely embrace it. I’ve realized it comes part and parcel of accepting this job, and being in this industry.

But what motivates me emotionally and mentally can be physically exhausting as well. One only has 24 hours to a day, and with too much to do, you wonder, am I slowing down, or is there just more work to be done? Often times, I feel as if I’m like a hamster running around the wheel… running till one’s exhausted.

Sigh, am I the only one who feels as if life is about either sinking or swimming? Hence, if you don’t trudge on, you’ll get left behind. So why be content in just being ordinary? There’s always time to be that anyway.

For the record however, I am not whining.

Life is indeed exhausting these days but I prefer my life right now to being stagnant and just fiddling with my fingernails. Fortunately, work is something I enjoy so far and I’ve realized how blessed I am working in an institution that feeds me these thick, juicy steaks from time to time.

Or at least, the free bao mien (instant noodles) in the office, which is equally acceptable.

So off we go, running once again. And delighted to have a life that allows us to run like hell and feel as if we’re actually achieving something for ourselves and the greater good. So let’s turn the speed on, shall we?

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