Mike is coming back.

Next week.

Spring break’s here and he’s coming back to visit his friend.

Anybody believes this reason? Anyone?!

Wow, admittedly, I was very surprised — pleasantly surprised or scared-shit-out-of-my-wits surprised, I don’t really know. But that guy really knows how to pull the rug from under your feet.

The first time he pulled this off was when I met him 2 years last, when after meeting him, he told me that it was almost time to say goodbye.

The second time was when he actually left. Most guys would’ve said “Ta-Ta… Sayonara! It was fun!” But no, not Mike.

He actually kept in touch. He wrote and wrote, even if I took my sweet time answering (what can I say, I was busy!). He told me he thought of me daily, and thought of coming back to Taiwan. He was extremely sweet, and I was just overwhelmed.

Now you’d imagine that a romantic like me would’ve fallen head over feet for a guy like that. But I was always the late bloomer, the slow mover, and I didn’t really appreciate what I had at that time, which was maybe why he tried even harder.

But at that time, I was unprepared — how can this guy think that I’m this most amazing woman with whom he has a connection with, if we’ve only been with each other a couple of times?

I think he saw something in me that I wasn’t able to see for myself.

My other best friend Mike agrees (Gosh, don’t you think that am just surrounded with all these Mikes!). When I called him up tonight, he agrees with Mike C.

Yeah Rave, you’re pretty unique,” he sleepily answered, “You’re one of those alpha females who’s actually a softie and vulnerable inside. Not a lot of girls are like that. I dunno — you’re just very different.”

And lastly, he tells me that he’s coming to visit next week.


Surprise, surprise indeed.

Somehow, this is becoming a lot more serious than I’ve expected.

When I’ve resumed contact with Mike, I thought it was pretty harmless because he was way over the Pacific in Hawaii while I was here in Taiwan. As I’ve told my friend Karen, “Ha! He’s way over there anyway, so I don’t think there’s anything wrong in rekindling some flames.”

Well, serves me right for being so nonchalant about it — cause he’s now coming back for spring break. That’s two weeks maybe.

It’s like teasing a lion because there’s a cage in between you and him,” I explained to best friend Mike. “But suddenly the cage is gone and you’re face to face with the wild animal. So what do you do?!”

“Raven, I dunno about you but I think this is a win-win situation,” Mikey advised. “You can meet up with him and see if there’s still that spark which you’ve left behind. If yes, then have a great time, but if not, that’s okay. You’re back to where you were.”

But what about popping the bubble? I think part of the charm is that he’s so far away,” I lamented. “And now you have to deal with him because he’s here.

Well, I still think that the downside is limited,” Mikey concluded. “You have nothing to lose when you see him.”

Aiyo — it’s been 2 years, I wonder what he’s like right now?

Maybe he’s become fat. 🙂

Hell, I’ve gained a few pounds myself.

Anyway, Mike C. is coming very very soon, and I seriously don’t know what to expect so hell, I won’t even expect anything.

As Mikey had said, just see where it goes and stop thinking too much.

Heck, do you think nothing will happen between us?

For some reason, I have this inkling that something will happen. We ended so abruptly and so quickly that we had some unfinished business to take care of.

And I think that it’s this particular visit that would break or make that fantasy.

Let the excitement begin…!

Raven is ready, heart and arms wide open.

Welcome back Mike.

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  1. The mind knows what the heart has yet to accept. Hence, appreciate if you can spell it out clearly… BIG sigh. Hit me with it…

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