I am totally exhausted.

My life’s drained away after an entire day organizing a conference, and to make matters worse, I think I dozed off a few minutes during my evening meeting and was forced to bullsh*t my way out of giving some feedback!

Am just pooped, and though the conference has been relatively straightforward, the fact that there were a tons of menial work to be done put a damper to my Wednesday.

But on the good side, it’s over — and the only thing left is to answer all my voice messages and emails when I get back to work tomorrow.

Sigh, yes, my life is super interesting, but I bet people would rather have the normalcy that comes in just having a dull job and a regular paycheck.

Regardless, as I’ve told MM awhile ago, at our age, it’s do or die. Either we work our @sses off to improve, or just be left behind. Hence, it’s definitely the choices that we have to make that will make the immense difference 10 to 20 years from now.


There is a married man who caught my eye.

Though he’s around my age, he is already married with two kids. He tells me today that he will be leaving Taiwan come July to take up his MBA in the Big Apple.

It saddens be a bit to see him go.

Every time we meet, he takes a few minutes to seek me out and chit-chat with me about work, his life and anything under the sun. Put it this way, if he was single, I would presume he’s interested. However, as he already has a money, I think it would be safe to assume he’s not, or at least, will not do anything about it.

Tall, slim and Christian, he seems to be a great catch save for the fact that he’s married.

Now I know why almost all of my girl-friends have succumbed to the charms of a married man. It’s not about doing something taboo and naughty. Instead, it just turns out that married men are supposedly more mature and more stable. That’s why their wives married them in the first place, right?

I asked my guy friend why he got married so early. Remembered he said something in the lines that they’ve been dating for a while and it was time.

However, I stop myself from asking, “Do you regret it?”

Here he is at the prime of his life, and settled down with his family. Don’t think he’s even sowed his wild oats yet. And it’s something that can’t be done unless you are divorced.

It’s none of my business anyway. But I don’t ask, and let sleeping dogs lie.

Regardless, he is nice enough to offer to teach me some lessons I don’t understand from the material I am currently studying. Hmmm… that should be interesting.

Well, be good and don’t be naughty! This girl is going to bed.


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