Charge! Paintball!

* Written yesterday, but posted just today due to problems on blogger photos.

I survived the war, though did not come out unscathed.

Yes siree, that’s a big swollen welt on my upper thigh, and as usual, I have a couple more bruises on my lower legs from slipping and sliding through mud and dodging under trees and thin barrels.

Heck, but as the supreme optimist, at least I didn’t end up the sore loser, unlike this little piggy right here:

Poor piggy wiggy.

Yes, we shared his generous pork amongst all 70+ of us corporate dudes and dudettes, and my boss JW swears that it’s the best meat he’s had in a long, long while.

Believe it or not, that black pig was only around 7-8 months old, which was why its meat was just so tender. Cost-wise, it brought back our company NT$20,000 (inclusive of the peeps cooking it), but heck, you only live once and when can one eat the “best meat in a long, long while,” right?

We played two games and we lost the first because we were at the downhill advantage (or so we tell ourselves), while the second was a freaking tie!

Oh well, think am really jinxed as I’ve never won a game yet!!! Aaaaaaaaaargh.

And I thought we’d win because I brought my secret weapon, Top- Climber, with me. :’-(

But it was still fun. Since it was a corporate activity, we had an unlimited number of bullets and it was fun seeing the two higher ups dodging bullets as well (one was so unlucky, he had around 10+ hits in his body!).

But by the end of the day, everybody was exhausted! See the people all dozing off in the bus:

Was also tired myself when Top-Climber dropped me off, but took some time to do some househunting. Do you know that houses around my area cost around freaking NT$400,000+ per ping! CRAZY!

After which, took some time to have a nice simple dinner at the Eslite foodcourt (again!). It’s this Chinese sticky rice thing with red and brown sauce that tastes very light, but you usually feel sick of it after a while.

Tastes like lo bo gao (turnip cake), but slightly less tastier:

But believe it or not, for the 15 minutes that I sat there, there were like 11 people order one of these NT$50-babies!

According to the lady, she can sell around 6-7 blocks of these things in a day. And as of early evening, she’s already sold around NT$11,000 worth of these things!

OMG — crazy!

Sigh, as for now, am freshly showered and ready for bed. FL just texted me asking me to go clubbing at Roxy 99, but still thinking about it.

Damnit, am already smelling fresh and clean! Besides, haven’t had my power nap yet.

Oh well, we’ll see then. It’s been awhile since I’ve been out clubbing anyway. Oh, like last week.

Anyway, if you’d like to plan a paintball event in Taiwan, you’re in the right place. Today, we went to the 147 Paintball Theme Park (

It’s conveniently located at Neihu, specifically, #147, Antai Street, Neihu, Taipei. Tel: (02) 2631-7147, Fax: (02) 2632-0833 or email at for more details. Otherwise, you can call this number 0916-171-060.

Personally, prefered the grounds at Danshui better. We even had to play in a house, but if you’re looking for someplace convenient, this may be the playground for you and your colleagues and friends.


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