Yes ladies and gentlemen, this female blogger is sick.

Miserable, hot, weak are some few words to describe yours truly right now.

From the moment I woke up this morning, I already had a tummy ache. But still, given my parents’ strict training, I trudged on, coming into work late but still showing up.

The whole day was a blur of activities.

My boss has assigned me to take on some roles of persuading a few of our clients to do some deals with us, so it’s been busy. Plus, a few more requests popped in my mailbox.

But by noon, while working out at the gym, I already felt awful. My knees were knobbly and my tummy started giving me trouble. I was weak, just weak.

The afternoon passed by quickly, as I sought to remain productive even though my body was slowly yet surely breaking down.

Come 4:30 pm, I couldn’t take it anymore — I knew I had to go home or collapse right there.

I got home in one piece, barely made it and plopped to the bed and slept. Unfortunately, my friends K, M, T and C kept on ringing me so I was woken up a couple of times, dozing in and out of consciousness. Was supposed to go have dinner with K, M and friends but had to say no (which was so unlike me) because my body was really hot and weak.

It was really miserable, and I realized that you can only value your health after you lose it (mental note to take care of oneself better next time).

Come 9:30 pm, I woke up again.

I was starving and since there was no food in the house (blame it on the convenience of Taiwan), I had to go out and seek out food.

Felt like a caveman there.

The restaurant downstairs was already closed, so had to walk a few minutes to the Hsinyi Eslite Bookstore to grab some grub. The result? A hopefully, not-so-oily Pho dinner.

I was reenergized again and the fresh air did me some good, compared to being holed up in my messy bedroom.

But after a few minutes, I was weak again, and went back.

So what is this lady going to do tomorrow after all this torture?



Sponsored by my company and already asked my friend to go with me so hard to back out now.

But hopefully, I can survive the day (alive).

And one way to help ensure this is to sleep early and hope that I can recuperate soon.

Till then, and pray for my survival lo. 😛

And yes, I do admit, it seems that I am on a suicide mission.

I know, we have to be crazy sometimes.

Have a great weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Sick!

  1. hey raven,
    something must have been totally going around. i was so sick the other day i could barely move.. luckily it didn’t last more than a day.

    what did you think of the eslite pho? i didn’t like it.. reviewed it on my blog.. but *sniff sniff* i think the authentic vietnamese pho place i found is closed down.

  2. Yes, I agree. Seems like a lot of peeps I know are getting sick as well. Maybe you have great immune system, that’s why you recovered so quickly.

    Eslite Pho’s okay, I’ve had better. I like the beef salad of Warner’s 2F Vietnamese place. Only NT$99 but can fill you up well. Healthy too. The best so far is prolly the one at Yong Kang street. Maybe u can give it a go?

  3. i always walk by the one at Warner’s, but haven’t had it yet.. maybe next time. yong kang street eh?? is there only one, or do you have an address??

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