My job requires me to be on the phone the whole day.

From morning to evening, my phone constantly rings and I get to talk to drivers, travel agents, CFOs, directors, spokesmen, their secretaries and sometimes, even company presidents.

However, as I sit on the research department, the room’s more like a library with a dozen of analysts and associates working on their reports all day.

As you can see, there’s a clear conflict of interests.

There’s Raven who has her headphones stuck on her ears and talking the entire day, and the research team who wants total silence while they’re analyzing.

It’s escalated to a point where I’ve been called in to my boss’ office to discuss this sensitive “issue.”

But what is the solution?

I’ve already moved once behind glass doors to alleviate the sound, yet closest to people who are most sensitive to my voice. Have requested for them to be moved further away from me but they refuse to move because it’s inconvenient for them.

So where do you want me to move now? The garden?

Hopefully, there’s a middle ground in all this.

I have to talk to do my job, and it’s hard for me to control my voice the entire day especially when talking to clients. As a relationship manager, it’s important that I communicate well and part of it is sounding cheerful and happy all the time.

This is kinda frustrating, especially after I get called in the office.

It pains me that I work my a** off and do a good job (hopefully with more hits and misses), and people are complaining that I’m doing my work. :-9

Hopefully, there is a solution to all this.

Big sigh.

On happier news, thanksgiving was great!

The turkey at the Shannon leaves much to be desired (it was turkey ham, not real turkey), but the night was salvaged through the warm company of close friends, as well as an after-party pumpkin pie tasting at the neighborly Dan Ryan’s!

It was delish!

So I may need to work out today (if I don’t spend a lot of time overtiming), but heck, this is what makes life worth living — pumpkin pie and the company of good friends.

Long Dong tomorrow! Yay! Gotta love my life!

Signing out!

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