Life’s a Bullet Train

Don’t you think that life sometimes feel like a speeding bullet train that can’t stop even if you wanted to?

These past couple of weeks, I’ve felt as if I haven’t had time for myself, much alone to breathe.

My life has become a cycle of routines and I feel like a hamster running around its wheel.

Here’s my life schedule these days:

7:15 am – Wake up and wash up

7:35 am – Get out to make it in time for office

7:45 am – 8:15 – Morning meeting

8:15 – am – noon – Work, make phone calls, send emails, put out fires

Noontime – Either eat and study/go to the gym

1:30 pm – 7-ish pm – Non-stop work again (often ending at 8:00 pm, and even a couple of times, really late)

If I still have time and not work on weekday evenings, here are the things I usually do:

1) Wallclimbing and Toastmasters – Interchange every other Wednesdays

2) Eat dinner with friends (becoming rarer these days) or clients (NT$2,000+ meals, here I come! Boy, I really do need to diet!)

3) Go to the nearby Alexander gym, usually at Neo19 – Usually on Mondays and Fridays

4) Chinese tutoring – Twice a week

5) Others – Study for the CFA (will do this more often), go out on occassional dates (note the word “occasional“) or party (wine-tasting, clubbing and birthday celebrations IF I still have the time)

For example, for today, it’s Thanksgiving night so a couple of friends and I are heading down to the Shannon for some roast turkey with herb gravy and wine — just for NT$450+!

Okay, it’s probably my fault that I can’ stay at home and veg in front of the TV all day. But sometimes, amidst the flurry of my not-so-social, career-oriented life, I wonder when’s the next rest stop and recharge my batteries?

My friend Iris said it perfectly the other day when she said, “Raven, this IS life. Whereas your life used to be all about partying, other people’s lives are usually circulated around their jobs. Now, you’re living the normal life la.”

My gosh, but when will this train ever stop?

This Saturday, we’re thinking of climbing outdoors to Long Dong and there’s a wedding reception to go to. Aaaaaargh, who knew that living life to the full could be so exhausting?

Maybe I should be like Lindsay Lohan and just plead for exhaustion and check myself in a clinic and do NOTHING.

Now, THAT would be such a luxury. 😉

So rest up you guys — don’t be like me and Lindsay Lohan.

Oh well, but at least we can’t be guilty of having a dull life!

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