Personal ad

If you were to write a personal ad, how would yours read?

Mine would be:

Seeking a “nice” normal man who has confidence and substance. This attractive, 168 cm, Chinese native English speaker in her mid-20s is fit (yes, I’ve been called sexy), emotionally healthy, mentally capable, and has a great smile. Apart from reading, watching live bands, movies and plays, I’m also into traveling, wallclimbing, fine dining, dancing to the latest beats, drinking wine and sharing intelligent conversations. In short, I’m a “good” girl who knows how to have fun, and hope you are as well!

Likewise, it’s just fair that you’re also single, sincere, open-minded, laidback, have good character and strong morals, smart, able to carry an intellectual conversation, and a positive thinker with interests aside from watching TV and sleeping. So if you’re searching for someone with brains to enrich your already-interesting life, email me and see what happens. Definitely friendship first, but am open to other possibilities if all ducks are in a row. Non-smoker preferred and no druggies please.

Haha, would you apply?

And if you were to write one, how would it read?

Looking forward to your comments!

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4 thoughts on “Personal ad

  1. Seeking a “meaningful” overnight relationship with a “nice” normal, smart, confident and attractive woman. Must know how to dance and enjoy watching live bands, fine dine & wine, and share interesting conversations. No strings attached! 🙂

    She must also be a woman who don’t live in fantasy and willing to embrace reality that MOST men are out there to get laid first & foremost.

    Serious relationship is definitely possible when all things considered and all ducks in a row.

    No drama please! 🙂

  2. Raven-I completely fit your description. Except, I’m married. Sorry. You seem great so I’m sure you’ll find the right guy. By the way, can you recommend more restaurants in Taipei? I need a place with a great wine list.

  3. Hey Drew, haha, too bad indeed. Hmm… well, you already know that Ruth’s Chris has the best steak (their wine sux though), and I liked the wine at Lawry’s (steak’s better in RC though).

    To be honest, I don’t know. Someone usually brings a bottle of wine and we open it up. Fave restaurants aside from the two I mentioned are Herbs, Macaroni Grill, Flavor, Aoba among a few others.

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