An Expensive Afternoon

Raven’s been really baaaaaad…

It all started innocently enough: a few thousand NTDs in cash, some Sogo gift vouchers and by the end of the day, I was again penniless and poor.

Thank god BK treated me to a nice pai-ku (pork chop) dinner otherwise I’d be starving!

Haha, I feel more like a Taiwanese woman now who spent most of her time shopping and walking around the Chungxiao East Road district on a lovely Saturday afternoon. 😉

But in true Raven style, I had a mission and the day was not just spent shopping. I also spent time with IL (brunch), AW (afternoon tea) and BK (dinner) so had enough time socializing.

Shopping was just something I did in between. So here’s what I bought:

First, I had to replace my pao-yang pings (face creams) which is already running out very soon. You know you’ve been in Taiwan long enough when you start worrying about your face getting wrinkled up before the age of 30.

Secondly, I needed to replace my worn out sports shoes, which is almost falling to pieces after I used it to climb Jade Mountain a few months ago.

Hence, I finally got to cash in the Sogo vouchers my previous company gave me! But MAN! Sogo was PACKED with people! I think it took me almost 10 minutes to go up 10 floors! :0(

But yes, am proud of my new New Balances and it’s at 20% off, but who cares? The vouchers were free so thanks to my previous company for the nice gift!

And lastly, after having tea with AW and catching up, BK still haven’t finished going to the gym so I window-shopped a bit.

The result?
Which cost me technically a few thousands — still freaking cheap considering how classy it looks and how qiao (perky) my butt looks from behind! Perfect for wearing over hot cocktail outfits!

Total expense just for today?


DAMNIT GIRL! Somebody gotta stop you from shopping! Here you are complaining how much Taiwanese girls shop and when somebody lets you lose, then BAM! You buy yourself to poverty.

On the upside, most expenses (except the coat which I can’t resist cause it just looks sooooo good) are necessary and I’ve been meaning to replace my worn out sneakers since time immemorial.

So the quiz to all you readers today is, how much do you think is the breakdown of the expenses for today? And which do you think is the most expensive/cheapest expense? Is it:

A. The face creams?
B. The pair of New Balance sports shoes? Or
C. The black coat that looks like it’s straight out of “Sex and the City?”

Winner of who guesses the correct breakdown and the correct most expensive and cheapest purchase gets free Starbucks coffee from me! 🙂

While on the other hand, I should just enjoy my sardine and rice tomorrow as I have no more money for food.

Oh well, c’est la vie!

And thanks BK for not letting me starve to death!

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One thought on “An Expensive Afternoon

  1. The most expensive of course is the coat, then the face cream and the cheapest would be the shoes,hehehe.

    Am I right, Rave or am I right?

    When can I have coffee with you, hehehe?

    Take care, sweet Raven1

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