Freaking 2:00AM…

… And am still in the office!

Wow, my friend was right — my company changed my life — literally!

Now, I have no life. 🙁

What’s worse, am working on a project that doesn’t really make us the extremely big $$$, and I know it.

But that’s how work ethics are: The moment you accept your project, give it your 101%.

However, with this one, I unknowingly accepted the project thinking only one investor is coming to town, only to find out he’s bringing 5 more!

After that, it’s too late.

Regardless, you do all you can, and I’ve treated them as equal as my best clients.

Yes, it’s stellar work.

The only question is — will all this work pay off in the end?

Sigh, I surely hope so… 🙁

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