An Upcoming Reality

Found this postcard at the Post Secret website:

And was surprised on how much I can relate to it.

So far, without my parents’ knowledge, I’ve been to Hong Kong, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. I was thinking of Vietnam or India next this December, until I’ve received an email from my parents last week:

Dad wants to know if you got any holidays in December. This trip we stayed at PanYu, remember the Changlong Hotel which has a night safari zoo in Panyu? Were you with us then to the Canton Trade Fair?

The Night Zoo is modified to a grand international circus and the hotel we stayed in gave us a suite which has one big room and one big living room. So Dad wants to know if your company has any holidays in December. Please advise. Maybe youc an join us from Taipei to Hong Kong.

Panyu or Yunan, not really sure but again, they want to visit Mainland China.



But they’ve asked me a direct question: Do you have any holidays?

The thing is, shall I tell them the entire truth?

My ex-AXXX colleague is good to go to India this December and I want to go too.

Decisions, decisions.

What do you think? Shall I go with my parents to the boring Night Zoo, or visit the Taj Mahal and eat authentic Indian curry (and maybe even suffer LBM while am at it)?

Your thoughts appreciated.

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2 thoughts on “An Upcoming Reality

  1. hmm, tough decision.. if you don’t get to see your parents as often these days, you should hang with them… even if it’s going to be more boring, we’re all getting older.. maybe you can convince them to go to india?

  2. Haha, my parents are now looking into tours in Vietnam. Hope it really works out. Otherwise can just go back to Manila and spend Christmas there — it’s really a big thing back home, and yes, you guys have convinced me that spending time with your parents is really the best thing to do!

    Thanks JoanH for the comment, and more power to your blog! Looking forward to more yummy reviews!

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