About a boy

Today, I felt something weird all over again.

Hesitancy, fear, attraction, nervousness… whatever you may call it. But I felt it again in the pit of my stomach.

Yes, it’s about a boy again… or shall I say a man.

*heart thumps wildly*

I’m interested in him.

And it seems, so is he.

But we live in two different countries.

Regardless, he’s asked me to visit him in Hongkong.

Several times.

I’ll entertain you and give you 5-star treatment,” he said.

I know he will.

I know if I went, he’d make sure I’d have the best time. Maybe even go sailing with him.

But I’d rather him to come and visit me here in Taiwan, and he’s placed it in his plans. “How’s south of Taiwan,” he asked before. And I promised him that I’d see him when he visits.

So who’s going to make the next move — him or me?

Who’s taking the next plane out?

We shall see.


Weekend was a blast!

Surfing and body boarding again in Toucheng with me garnering another slew of bruises, and then some dancing in the evening till 4AM in the morning.

After which, I’ve became more productive today by taking some Chinese classes and preparing my Toastmasters speech.

Another weekend over.

Let another cycle of hectic work begin!

Hope you all have a great week!

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