Taiwan funnies

This is so funny. Outside the LiuZhangLi station is this poster inviting young men to enlist in the army:

First thought that popped to mind was: “Omigosh, that just looks sooooooo gay.”

Imagine, surrounding the poster are men standing in attention under the blazing sun, guys in army gear and punishing themselves on the obstacles, and on the middle of all these are smiling guys making the pa-cute dimple or cheese sign, and heaped on top of each other.

A bit of brokeback action there, don’t you think? 😉

Wait, are they wearing any undies? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww….!

On some insane level, it also reminded me of Abu Ghraib picture (#6) where naked prisoners were also heaped atop each other (Yes, my imagination has gone wild).

Anyway, it’s a funny way to encourage men to enlist.

I think other armies would rather emphasize the “I’m a man. That’s why I’m joining the army. To prove that I’m a man” stance instead of the “This is gay summer camp, baby! Look at our toned arms, wide smiles, and lotsa guys!”


But that’s just me.

Another funny thing I’ve seen recently is the bunch of uniformed men standing below the escalators holding the following sign:


As if people here needs to be told what to do!!!

See the serious look, these guys really take their work seriously!

And that’s not all, here’s the backside:

Hold the handrail!!!” As if you still need to mention that!

But it seems Taiwanese peeps still need to be reminded to stand firm and hold on the handrail.

Shows a lot about the common sense of the people here. 😉


Some shout-outs:

* Damn, missed two consecutive buses today! Hence, I had to take the taxi (for the third time this two weeks)! At this rate, I’d be a pauper soon!

* Darnit, I’ve shopped again! Why did I have to step into that Mango store last night?! Haha, well, no biggie. When I got out, I was a few thousand bucks poorer, but happier by purchasing this classic bright red dress with a clinched waist. I try to make myself feel better by saying that Mango was on sale so I actually saved NT$1,000 from the purchase if I bought it earlier.

No worries, I’ve been eyeing that dress for weeks! Good thing I waited, now, all I have to do is have the straps adjusted and can now paint the town red!

Which reminds me, I’ve been doing a lot of bargain shopping lately. Yes sirree… must be my luck, but recently, I’ve been able to purchase classy skirts and elegant dresses at just NT$100 to NT$300 a pop!

Now, that’s cheap.

And they look nice as well.

Now, all I need is several occassions to wear them. 😉

Taipei… here we come!

* Gotta pack soon… ooooh, I’ve been delaying it but it needs to be done soon! CL has volunteered to help me move, but I think I have to call the movers. Gotta have that done by today.

That’s it for today! Talk to you guys tomorrow!

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